Nineteen council seats up for grabs


NINETEEN seats will be up for grabs in the Warrington Borough Council elections on Thursday, May 22 – and Labour and the Conservatives are fielding candidates in all of them and the Liberal Democrats all but one.
Labour will be hoping to increase their majority on the council. But the Liberal Democrats believe their party’s current unpopularity nationally will not impact on their performance locally and that they might regain some of the seats they have lost in recent years.
The small Conservative group is also hoping to main gains.
But interventions from UKIP and the Green Party could produce unexpected results.
The full-line-up of candidates is:
Appleton: Andy Davidson (Lab), Pete Kennedy (Green), Jonathan Levy (Cons), Judith Wheeler (Lib Dem).
Bewsey and Whitecross: Mike Foxall (Cons), Bob Timmis (Lib Dem), Pat Wright (Lab)*.
Birchwood: Nigel Balding (Cons), Russ Bowden (Lab)*, Chris Oliver (Lib Dem).
Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft: Paul Campbell (Cons), Merril Cummerson (Lib Dem), Beverley Fairfoull (UKIP), Matt Smith (Lab).
Fairfield and Howley: Helena Campbell (Cons), Peter Carey (Lab)*, Phillip Henshaw (UKIP), Lyndsay McAteer (Green), Margaret Oldbury (Lib Dem).
Grappenhall and Thelwall: Andrew Fairfoull (UKIP), Thomas Jennings (Lab), Wendy Johnson (Lib Dem)*, Stephen Taylor (Cons), Kenneth Wilson (Green).
Great Sankey North: Stephanie Davies (Green), Andy Heaver (Lab), Mal Lingley (UKIP), David McNeilage (Cons), Roy Smith (Lib Dem).
Great Sankey South: Roger Cawthorne (Cons), Hitesh Patel (Lab)*, Kevin Reynolds (Lib Dem).
Latchford East: Timothy Price (Lib Dem), Harish Sharma (Cons), Sid Simmons (UKIP), Steve Wright (Lab)*.
Latchford West: Ged Hall (UKIP), Phil Marshall (Cons), Les Morgan (Lab), Ann Raymond (Lib Dem), Michael Smith (Green).
Lymm: James Ashington (UKIP), Bob Barr (Lib Dem)*, Kath Buckley (Cons), Sean Chapman (Lab).
Orford: Edgar Davies (Lib Dem), Simone Johnson (Cons), Kerri Morris (Lab), Ian Richards (UKIP).
Penketh and Cuerdley: Sam Baxter (Cons), David Keane (Lab)*, Bev Stein (UKIP).
Poplars and Hulme: Frank Allen (Cons), Iona Gillis (Lib Dem), John Kerr-Brown (Lab)*, Trevor Nicholls (UKIP).
Poulton North: David Bennett (UKIP), Jeff Butler (Lib Dem), Mark Chapman (Cons), Geoff Settle (Lab)*.
Poulton South: Sandra Bradshaw (Lib Dem), Maureen Creaghan (Lab), Michael Johnson (UKIP), Howard Klein (Cons).
Rixton and Woolston: Bill Brinksman (Lab)*, Ben Eccleston (Cons), Diana Grylls (Lib Dem), Geoff Siddall (UKIP).
Westbrook: Derek Clark (UKIP), Matt Jones (Cons), Stefan Krizanac (Lib Dem), Linda Ollerton (Lab).
Whittle Hall: Julian Craddock (Cons), Keith Gleave (Lib Dem)*, Adam Hemsley (Trade Unionists and Socialist Against Cuts), Karen Mundry (Lab).


In addition, by-elections are taking place for vacant seats on Birchwood Town Council and Woolston Parish Council on the same day. The line-up for these is:
Birchwood Town Council (Locking Stumps Ward): Chris Bolton (Lab), Ben Eccleston (Cons), Geoff Siddall (UKIP).
Woolston Parish Council (East ward): Stephen Rydzkowski (Lab), Geoff Siddall (UKIP), Pat Wright (Lab).


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