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Planning the town of the future


IMPORTANT decisions are being made about future plans for homes and jobs in Warrington – and residents are invited to have their say.
How many homes will be needed, where they should be built, regenerating the town centre and how the countryside and local environment will be protected are all part of the plans which are aimed at encouraging and developing sustainable growth and development across the borough.
Residents can find out what this means for them, where they live and have their say by taking part in a consultation via the council’s website at www. warrrington-consult.limehouse.co.uk/portal/planning/cs/
A copy of the documents can also be found at all libraries across the borough, the council’s Contact Centre on Horsemarket Street and at New Town House Planning Reception, Buttermarket Street, during normal office hours.
Further information on the plan and consultation is available by contacting 01925 442826 or ldf@warrington.gov.uk
The consultation runs from Monday May 21 until 5pm on Friday July 6.


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  1. Are there any councillors around who can reassure the people of Warrington that their views will be considered? Recent history would suggest not.

  2. “Residents can find out what this means for them, where they live and have their say…” How many times are we going to hear this misleading line? When at planning meeting after planning meeting when residents do have their say and make their genuinely held views known, our planning officers inevitably pay scant regard to and advise against them?

  3. well we don’t know what the two investigations in planning found ?????? Just think of the hundreds of docs that went missing on labours last watch – – same old labour shutting up shop again – its like not being told what Asda has instore for Omega North. I wonder if Burtonwod and other areas will be happy with another 400 plus movement of HGV ONE’S

  4. I thought the hundreds of documents that went missing, were destroyed during the CONDEM watch, do you something that has not come out into the open yet Keepwatching?

  5. You must be joking! No trust in the Planning Department and we still await the results of the investigation into the lost records. Do WBC think we are stupid? We already know that they take no notice whatsoever of residents views so what has changed. Some openness would be a start for this new Labour administration. All parties are to blame for the current state of affairs. Now is a chance for Labour to show that is really does care!!!

  6. More Fantasy in some of those documents than a Harry Potter book.

    Wireworks development wow remember that ….!! Cinema in the town Centre ….dream on…. developed Waterfront……etc.etc.

    All that happens is that we get more houses and more apartments nothing more nothing less.

  7. It would be welcome for a councillor to come on here and explain exactly how this consultation process will take genuine account of the views of residents and also guarantee that whatever strategy is developed does not get thrown out at the first opportunity by the planning department as it has in the very recent past.

    Surely by making these announcements about consultation they can confirm exactly how it will feed into decision making and what residents can expect to see if, for example, they do not agree with key points of the strategy. Will the strategy change? And if not, what is the point of the consultation?

  8. It would be more welcome if someone were to explain why our wayward planning department is still using the dysfunctional planners who were found wanting in more than one direction, and apparently seem to have been hard at work – and not only on this important project.

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