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Is this the future for libraries?


IS this the future for library services in outer areas of Warrington?
The book exchange scheme for the tiny village of Hatton is run by the parish council in a former telephone box outside the Hatton Arms pub.
Similar ideas have been put forward for areas like Grappenhall and Great Sankey, where the borough council has decided to close branch libraries at the end of March.
The scheme works well at Hatton, with local residents borrowing and returning books.
Few, if any, cases of theft have been reported.
Library chiefs are now exploring the possibility of using other types of premises for similar schemes.
Appleton Parish Council is to investigate if the foyer of the parish hall, on Dudlow Green Road, could be used.
Councillors there are concerned about the loss of the Mobile Library – also to be axed at the end of March.
They point out that the mobile library is more heavily used at Appleton than anywhere else in the borough.
Its loss will be felt particularly hard by pensioners, mothers with young children and the housebound.
Volunteers will be sought to help run book exchange schemes.
At Grappenhall, two have already come forward – one of them a former librarian.
Pictured: passersby browse through the books in the phone box at Hatton – possibly the smallest “library” in Britain.


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  1. It’s all about creative thinking!! – Lets face facts if the previous Gov Labour had been responsible with our hard earned cash then we could have the creative ways of work with what we have.

    The fact is – Do we want Labour to run Warrington how Labour ran the country into the ground? Lib Dems must keep control of the council or the Town goes backwards. It’s a fact

  2. NONE of them are fit to run the town. Self interest comes first. Perhaps Mr Reader could tell us what his Lib Dems are doing to improve things, because they have escaped most people’s notice.

  3. For someone who calls himself Mr Reader you do not seem to be particularly well read! Do you really believe that a British Labour Govt could be responsible for the worldwide crisis? With regards to the UK, are not the UK Bankers predominantly Tory? The fact is – if the rest of the country had been aware of the mess a coalition between the Lib Dems and Tories has made of Warrington and were aware of their undemocratic ways of doing things we would not have a Lib/Con alliance running the country into the ground! Let’s just hope the Warrington ‘unholy alliance’ will be out of the Town Hall….before they get a chance to sell it…..or give it away to a developer!

  4. The Lib Dems are nothing other than clingers on and without the ‘help’ of other parties they would never have found themselves in so called ‘charge’ anywhere !! Same goes for the Cons too….. oh and just to clarify I don’t like Labour either but at least they never had to join forces to ‘win’ and they were only ousted by the other loosers joining forces… WE ALL LOSE LOSE LOSE EITHER WAY !!

    ……………………………………………….. nice little book swap kiosk in Hatton though which is what the story was about, although not quite the same as having a full library sadly !?

  5. The facts are that if Labour get in to run down Warrington again, CAN THE LAST PERSON LEAVING THE TOWN TURN THE LIGHTS OFF.

    I here from the staff at the Town Hall they are fearing Labour because of all the rubbish they did before. Safe hands run the Town Hall now I understand.

  6. self interest – may be on the red side I hear – like those travel Exs of Terry O’Neill £12K IN TWO YEARS -DO HE SEE IT AS INCOME??? Not forgetting all the other allowances he gets (a good definition of self interest me thinks)

    Why should councillors get travel exs?

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