Angry members of the public dump rubbish on ground in park


ANGRY members of the public turning up to use an emergency household waste site in Victoria Park today found there were no skips provided at the scheduled opening time of 10 am.

Frustrated people were dumping their rubbish on the ground after being advised to do so by men at the site claiming to be council contractors.
It was only yesterday (Monday) that the borough council announced it was setting up emergency waste sites at Victoria Park and Alder Lane, Orford as the ongoing strike by binmen drags on.
The strike is now set to continue until Christmas Eve – at the least.

Angry members of the public

One woman who attended Victoria Park shortly after the emergency site was due to open at 10am said: “People were very angry. It seems the council can’t organise anything.
“Rubbish was being dumped on the ground because there were no skips.
“The men there, who said they were contractors, were telling people to dump their rubbish on the ground. But this is Victoria Park – supposedly one of Warrington’s prized parks. This should not be happening.”

A Warrington Borough Council spokesperson said: “We can confirm there was a small delay situating the skip at Victoria Park this morning.
“However, contractors on site allowed residents to leave their household waste on the floor for a short period, which has now been cleared up. We ask residents not to do this unless instructed by the contractors on site.
“The household waste drop-off points have been very popular so far today. We are working hard to accommodate as much waste being dropped off at these points as possible. We are securing more skips and a wagon which can compact waste.”


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  1. pure genius on behalf of the council.

    whoever came up with the idea of getting people to transport their own household and still pay for waste collection via the council tax deserves a pay rise.

    the saving the council must be making in wages and fuel for the bin wagons will easily pay for the contractors and for the pay rise for that unsung genius.

  2. I was at Victoria Park and only waited 10 mins. I did not see any angry people and everyone was very happy to get rid of their rubbish. The only ones accountable are the greedy union members. The pay rise has been accepted nationwide so get back to work.

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