Council announces two extra drop-off points for household waste as bin strike set to escalate


WITH bin sacks piling high in local streets and residents threatening to dump household waste at the town hall, Warrington Borough Council has announced two extra drop-off points with the bin strike set to escalate from tomorrow, December 5 until Christmas Eve.

Warrington Borough Council has today announced it is setting up two additional drop-off points for household (black bin) waste, alongside their three community recycling centres.

The waste drop-off points are:
•Victoria Park, Knutsford Road, WA4 1DG
•Alder Lane, Orford, WA2 8AG (the car park near the community centre at the end of Alder Lane, by the bowling greens).
These community drop-off points will be open Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm from tomorrow, Tuesday 5 December.

The council is urging people not to leave household waste at either drop-off point outside of the 10am-4pm opening hours. At each drop-off point, there will be skips to dispose of your normal, bagged household waste.
Please only use these drop-off points for rubbish that you would put in your black bin at home.
bin strike
The drop-off points are not for:
•household recycling or garden waste
•business/ trade waste and any materials you would normally need a permit to dispose of
•vans, trailers or large vehicles
•any waste that wouldn’t normally go in your black bin (eg appliances, large household waste items, furniture of any size)
bin strike
The new measures follow the council’s failed court injunction last week in a bid to end the bin strike by around 70 Unite Union refuse workers, who are campaigning for better local working conditions.
The ongoing bin strike action which has been ongoing for two months, has resulted in members of the public taking to social media attempting to co-ordinate a campaign to dump bags of household waste at the town hall.
Members of the public have been venting their anger and frustration at the borough council and the Unite Union, for not resolving the issue over local working conditions – after a verbal agreement had been reached.
Unite has said the council is wasting time and taxpayers’ money with legal action and says it needs to return to the negotiating table to resolve the issue.

Council fails in bid to end bin strike with High Court injunction


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  1. Another pathetic response to the problem by WBC.
    What about people who have no transport to get their rubbish to the location
    Monday to Friday 0800 to 1600 hrs doesn’t help working families site needs to be open weekends too

  2. All these people going on strike over pay oh i do agree that some people should be better paid but there’s a hell of a lot that are greedy I’m a cleaner just like a lot of cleaners we clean up your mess we don’t go out on strike. If we did who would clean your mess up. Unite and wbc want to get a grip, i agree with Gary whole heartedly some people don’t drive.WBC AND UNITE PLEASE GET A GRIP

  3. What about the elderly and disabled how are they supposed to get their rubbish to the tip or drop off points. You expect them to lift out of their bins and drag them there especially in this cold weather. I am on crutches so I cannot do it have to rely upon someone else. WBC & Unite sort it out now

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