How long is a standard bathtub?


Standard bathrooms are mostly compact, so you often have to seriously think before you manage to fit all the necessary equipment and accessories in them. In a classic layout, the bathroom accommodates a toilet bowl, dressing table, and even a washing machine. But the lion’s share of the area will be allocated for the placement of a bath, as an integral attribute of any bathroom. People who want to save on space install shower cabins that take up about a third less space.

The collection presented at Aquatica bath offers luxury stand alone bathtubs and allows you to get acquainted with the main size range for the most successful choice. According to well-known statistics in standard bathrooms, about a third of the area falls on the bath. Under such circumstances, it will be useful to have up-to-date information on the most popular sizes of commercially produced bathtubs. So, it will be easier to choose the most convenient and reliable design.

What length is considered a standard?

Bathtubs are made from various materials, and modern technologies to give them the most bizarre shapes that are ready to fit into any interior and style. However, in the standard version, the length and width of the bathtub will always be approximately the same.

Classic dimensions are 150×75 cm. Such dimensions allow you to install the bath in a space limited by walls on three sides, which is quite consistent with the universal layout of modern bathrooms.

A compact standard-size bathtub and a luxury freestanding bath will require detailed planning before purchase. Additionally, you will have to take into account the possibility of convenient water supply from the main networks, connection to the sewerage system, as well as ease of access to all items that traditionally fill the bathroom space in large quantities.

Niche baths

The main idea here is the already familiar arrangement of the bathroom in a space bounded by two long walls and one short one. As a rule, such a concept will be fully justified if the width of the bathroom is in the range of 170-180 cm. Then there are minimal gaps that will allow you to quickly and conveniently carry out installation and connect the necessary communications. Subsequently, the walls of the room can be freely covered with ceramic tiles.

This option is not entirely suitable for rooms where long walls are located at a considerable distance. The way out of the situation may be the construction of an additional partition, which will allow you to originally isolate the space reserved for bathing from the area where the toilet or other plumbing equipment is located. In any case, a spacious bathroom allows you to show more imagination and organize the most comfortable interior.

Do not despair if the area does not allow you to place a bath of standard length. Then you can simply refuse it and equip a shower cabin, or choose a more expensive bath at and install it in a separate specially equipped room.

The cheapest and most practical way out of a difficult situation is to purchase a small bathtub with original dimensions. Its length for most manufacturers does not exceed 140 cm.

Long baths

For those who live in houses with spacious bathrooms, bathtubs that are 30 cm longer than standard ones are perfect. This will be a good solution for people with large dimensions or those who like to swim in a big way. In this model, a couple of swimmers can successfully accommodate due to the increased size in width.

Long baths do not fit into the general concept of niches, they are designed for innovative construction projects that provide for the maximum expansion of usable space.

Built-in bathtubs

Quite popular and practical is the solution with built-in bathtubs. Their design is designed for installation to complete with flooring and does not provide for side walls. This style is well suited for large hot tubs or wide doubles.

A built-in bathtub will be in place in a room with a large area, as it requires significant space for arranging the deck.

Oval bath

Such structures are built-in or freestanding. At first glance, they may seem larger than they are. If we compare the usual and oval baths of standard length, it turns out that the latter is somewhat wider. For this reason, they are considered not the best option for rooms with a small area.

Oval designs can look original as stand alone bathtubs in spacious rooms. Here, an increase in width will not serve as an obstacle to the placement of other items that are traditionally customary to install in such rooms.

Corner baths

Products of this form, just like the best luxury freestanding bathtubs, allow those who love to watch TV or read their favorite book to decorate water procedures. They are made in square and triangular shapes, which gives the right to bold experiments with their placement.

With standard dimensions of 150×150 cm, the corner bath can be used as a plug-in bathtub, organically fitting into a triangular-shaped deck located in the corner of the room.

Stand-alone baths

In addition to the types already considered, there are a huge number of models designed for installation in the middle of the premises. These bathtubs can be made in a retro style with legs, as well as in a more hit version with a pedestal.

Free-standing bath provides for the obligatory presence of free passages with a width of at least 15 cm. The standard length of such a bath can vary from 140 to 180 cm. A free-standing bath can only be equipped in a room with a decent area. The best luxury freestanding bathtubs, like no other type, can have a decisive influence on the formation of an elegant aristocratic interior, having a magnificent appearance and excellent indicators of strength and durability.

Hot tubs

Sometimes bathtubs for hydromassage procedures seem too overall. Nevertheless, most modern models have standard sizes, which allows them to be successfully placed in niches of not very large rooms. With a length of 150 cm, they have a width of 80 to 90 cm.

Of course, the oversized size width makes the hot tubs the most suitable for the built-in option, and nothing will prevent such a multifunctional product from being placed in a medium-sized room.

In conclusion, it should be noted that when choosing a bathtub of a standard or oversized length for your bathroom or a large room, you should first of all be guided by the technical side of the issue and the amenities that it can bring during long-term operation.

A beautiful, long bath, which is installed in violation of accessibility standards for the average consumer and maintenance personnel, will cause a lot of inconveniences.

It is important not to forget that some designs are very serious investments that must certainly justify themselves.


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