5 Winter Camping Tips You Should Know


Camping in the UK during winter can be an incredible experience! If you’re an avid camper, but haven’t yet ventured into the world of winter camping, then this article is for you. There are important things that you need to know to stay warm, safe, and comfortable when it comes to winter camping.

You’ll need to bring with you specific things to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable, these things include torches and batteries, winter blankets and more.

1. Bring a powerful torch and spare batteries

One of the most important tools you’ll need when winter camping (and camping in general) is a bright, powerful torch. In winter, daylight hours are scarce so you’ll need your torch to complete simple tasks in the dark, as well as navigating yourself through the campsite.

From collecting wood for your campfire to heading to your car to collect additional supplies, you’re going to need a torch to help you find your way safely. Bringing multiple torches is also a good idea too, as you can place one by your tent and around your campsite to help give you some light in the dark winter evening/early mornings.

As well as torches, you should also ensure that you bring spare batteries for them as well, as the last thing you’d want when camping in the dark is a torch that doesn’t work!

2. Take a smaller tent

When it comes to winter camping, it may be a good idea to bring a tent that’s just big enough. This is because the tent will then be much easier to warm up, keeping you warmer for longer. This heat retention allows you to stay warm, which is essential during winter.

3. Prioritise staying dry

When clothes, blankets, and shoes become wet, it’s much harder for them to keep you warm. This is why you should always keep your shoes inside your tent, and bring waterproof bags for your clothes and blankets. This is to ensure you always have a warm change of clothes and a blanket to keep you warm throughout the night.

4. Always set up your tent with plenty of daylight hours left

Since the days are much shorter in winter, it’s important to give yourself plenty of time to set up your tent and campsite before it gets dark. You don’t want to find yourself rushing the setup as the night draws in, so it’s best to always give yourself plenty of setup time before the sun sets.

Along with the darkness, the temperature also drops quicker too, meaning it’s always best to pitch your tent before it becomes too cold.

5. Take plenty of extra blankets and a winter mat

Staying warm is crucial during the night, which is why it’s always a good idea to pack more blankets then you may need – just in case! It’s better to be warm and cosy with excess blankets than to not be warm enough.

It’s also important that you insulate the bottom of your tent, with a winter mat, keeping the heat in as you lay on it during the night.



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