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OUR Warrington based company FLEX-display UK Ltd have been in business for the last 17 years and until recently, we hadn’t really advertised anywhere before.

As the pandemic took hold, we wanted to see if we could increase our local presence. There are of course many options of places to advertise; but many can reach very few people and be ineffective.
Having worked with Warrington-Worldwide for a very short time, we felt as though we had someone else actually on our side; championing our cause and so this was quite refreshing. It can be quite lonely in business when things take a turn for the worse and it is at times like this when it is vital to find the right people to help you. Gary at Warrington-Worldwide is passionate about Warrington as well as his website and magazines. A people-person who is clearly well respected locally for the quality of his journalism and character.
He is also well connected but extremely open and friendly towards making new connections – I got the sense immediately that if we saw some success from advertising with him, that he’d be as pleased as we would be; not just because it could be the start of a lasting business relationship but also because it enhances local business and supports creation of jobs; putting much needed money back into the local economy.
We have already seen the benefits of working together. We quickly felt more like we are part of the local community and it is my belief that now, it is very important for the local community to support each other and local businesses too. I see Warrington-Worldwide as pivotal to that and I would encourage any business, large or small to speak to the team at Warrington-Worldwide. We were greeted with friendliness, helpful suggestions and ideas right from the off and I hope we can help support each other in the future.
Moreover, the process was easy and lightning-quick to get underway. In summary, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact the team at Warrington-Worldwide to see what advertising opportunities there are. Keep things local and support the best local independent journalism at the same time.
Pete Davies
Managing Director
FLEX-display UK Ltd

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