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“Leave your car at home on Clean Air Day”


LEAVE your car in the garage on Clean Air Day – that’s the rallying call from Ben Wakerley, managing director of Warrington’s Own Buses.
Clean Air Day, on Thursday, June 20, is a campaign aimed at supporting people to make positive choices to improve air quality.
It is designed to help communities understand what they can do to reduce the impact of pollution.
The campaign highlights that car drivers can be exposed to twice as much air pollution as pedestrians and up to nine times more than cyclists. Up to 36,000 people die from air pollution-related illnesses each year in the UK.
Mr Wakerley said: “Air pollution can affect your health from your first breath to your last – it’s a global issue that we need to respond to and do our bit to tackle.
“The good news is that the air pollution crisis is solvable, but will require radical behaviour change.
“On Clean Air Day this year I’m urging people to give the car a day off. Could you take the bus to work or school, or use another method of transport like the train or bike? I’d encourage people to hop on a bus or dust off your bike helmets and see what it’s like to leave your car behind for a day.
“The Clean Air campaign makes clear that if you can use public transport, a company or pool car or even stay at home to work, our air quality would improve.
“If we are to truly tackle air pollution, we need people to reduce the use of cars in and around Warrington where there are alternative methods of transport available.”
Warrington’s Own Buses continues to invest in its buses, with recent additions to the fleet noted for their fuel efficiency, helping to reduce carbon emissions and lessening the impact of air pollution. As the company’s older buses are eventually phased out, Warrington’s Own Buses is committed to investing in fuel-efficient, more environmentally friendly vehicles.
Follow @WarringtonBuses for more information or visit cleanairday.org.uk to find out what you can do to help improve air quality in your area.


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  1. Buses are late, early, or never turn up, they never leave on time and all the times in the bus stops are never correct. You altered the routes and i now dont get home till nearly 10 in the morning after leaving work at 8oclock. You are no longer a bus company, your just a profit machine

    • Thé bus service changes of the 29 April had a massive effect on the Warrington bus Network ,and many passengers now have to wait longer for their bus than before. In summary the changes have been a disaster and from my observations the travelling public are far from happy.

    • Mr Wakerley said he would speak to one of his drivers regarding from the sloop no 32 bus told me no return tickets anymore never heard anything this has been a few weeks now

      Cheaper bus fares having a laugh only if you live in Orford Longford Westy not Sankey Bridges £4.40 return from Chelsea Gardens £4.20 from sloop one stop to town these drivers gave returns

      No link bus which was £3.00 return to town £4.40 day return could go to Winwick Road Retail Park St Helens Widnes

      I am all most 62 so no Bus Pass till 66 yet cheaper fares for two and more people in Orford Longford Westy disgusting this is our town we are all struggling not just these areas and Universal Credit if you have a private pension you have to live off it and they top it up private pension was to help to give you a better life espesially being no state pension till 66 not sure where the jobs are for over 60 taking jobs of the young Disgusted with our town which was so like Chester with the fabulous Buildings etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Until Network Warrington, Warrington’s Own Buses, Cheshire Cat or whatever flavour of the month name it chooses to use, begins to address all the inadequacies of what it provides (to call it ‘a service’ would be a gross exaggeration) for the people, of Warrington; Mr Wakerley’s plea to “Leave your car in the garage on Clean Air Day” will be received across the borough with a generous mixture of scepticism and derision. What we currently get, from NW’s management (yet another euphemism) is a “take it or leave it” bus facility, firmly rooted at the utilitarian end of the scale for customer service and satisfaction. It has so many inadequacies and shortcomings that it “will require a radical behavioural change”, more so than the people it purports to serve.

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