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Intis Telecom Platform to Boost Your Company’s Performance and Productivity


Looking for the new approaches to boost your company’s performance and productivity? Discover a brand new method to get your business to a new level.

No matter what position in the company you have, there are always effective solutions, which can be applied in every section of the industry.

Today, we want to present a company or it is better to say – a technology, which helps to get better results and higher revenues in a form of worldwide SMS service. As one of the most effective ways to optimize your business in 2017 is to provide equal and wide SMS and notification coverage all over the world. Mobile advertising campaigns are taking over in the 21st century. It is fast, effective, and convenient. As mobile users spend a lot of time on their smartphones and tablets. What particularly Intis Telecom offers is sending forward text messages to email or resending your received text messages to your own email addresses later. This service can be integrated with any platform and software, which makes it absolutely universal and practical from every point of view.

So, let’s look closer what exactly messages to emails services are.

Modern Technology for Prospective Companies

If you consider your company to be a prospective one and if you’re looking for new approaches to optimize its performance, messages to email service is the easiest way to do it. Mass texting all over the world is the fastest way to inform and contact your partners and customers directly. It is fast, easy, and simple. And what is more important, the service is not time-consuming at all.

You do not have to be an expert in IT or programming to use the program or to get the results from it. It is a fully customizable program, which will suit any business model and industry field. Among those businesses, which have already worked with Intis Telecom are both offline retailers and huge cafe and restaurant chains as well as gym clubs and taxi services. Every industry can benefit from optimizing its work in such a way – health, beauty, financial, transport, travel, entertainment, online and offline trading, etc. This SMS program will ensure that every text message is 100% delivered to your customers.

Why does Intis Telecom one of the most progressive examples on this market? Here are a few facts about the company’s activity and history:

  • More than 7 years of working experience developing remote communication software particularly.
  • 4 big offices in UK, USA, Lithuania, and Russia.
  • SMS platform works via SMTP and HTTP protocols.

What SMS to email services particularly offer is sending text advertisements or notifications to email addresses or resending the received ones to your own email address. You do not have to download or install any additional program or app in order to launch SMS to email service. The service will be successfully carried out without them. What do you get? You save a lot of time and get guarantees that every SMS you receive or send is processed properly.


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