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Two arrested after car chase


TWO men are understood to have been arrested following a car chase with police at Stockton Heath, near Warrington.
Eye witnesses have reported seeing a car travelling at speed through the village, followed by a number of police vehicles.
Police officers with dogs were also reported to have been seen in the area and a police helicopter was used in the operation.
A spokeswoman for Cheshire Police said that, acting on intelligence, police followed a vehicle from the M6 northbound into Warrington.
The vehicle was followed at a safe distance through the South Warrington area and was found abandoned in an alleyway near the Bridgewater Canal, near Thorn Marine.
Two men, aged 62 and 24, were arrested nearby on suspicion of attempted burglary and were held in custody.

Picture shows the police helicopter circling Stockton Heath


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  1. The police heliopter was definately up as I was watching it for ages wondering what was going on………. It came over when I was coming out of the Forge carpark at about 4pm and continued circling Stockton Heath and the surrounding area for ages. I didn’t hear any sirens though but there were apparently some over near Ackers pit as they disturbed my dad who was fishing 😉 ….. What is this area becoming though as around Stockton Heath alone we’ve had a bank raid, a sudden spate mountain bike thefts/break ins and now this. I guess that’s what happens when you are close to the motorways and have an easy entrance/exit. WELL DONE to the police for catching them and I hope they get the book thrown at them even if it’s only for wreckless driving and putting peoples lives at risk whilst being chased !! As for police cuts well it seems Warrington needs MORE police these days not less !

  2. if Cheshire Police have quoted “followed at a safe distance” then that is absolute rubbish, we witnessed the high speed chase in West Avenue and have never seen cars driving so fast on urban roads. The police cars and unmarked cars were on it’s tail and considering they went past a Junior and Nursery School the speed was ridiculous and should not be permitted, do not know what these criminals had done but whatever it was DID NOT justify a chase like that. It was only by luck nobody was hit and killed !!

  3. the blokes arrested broke into my mothers house she is nearly 70 and at least 5 more properties before it came to this police chase, they stole thousands worth of jewellery from my mothers house alone. i appreciate the police gave chase through possibly crowded streets but they did a very good job, catching them the same day with the possibility of getting back our family items. the police are trained to drive at such speeds with safety and would not proceed with the chase if it wasnt safe. fingers crossed the males in question get everything they deserve.

  4. Like you say the police ARE highly trained at driving at higher speeds and with safety but the scum who stole from your mother are NOT trained and fearing being caught all they would be interested in is getting away and saving their own skins regardless of who or what was in there way. They don’t care about others, if they did they wouldn’t have broken into your mums home or other homes and they would not have fled and tried to out smart the police. I’m glad they got caught too and thankfully without any unsuspecting driver or pedestrian getting killed or injured in the process due to the thieves total indifference and disrespect for the law and other people. I hope your mum is ok and that she hopefully gets over her ordeal and same goes to the other people you mention who were targeted.

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