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More sweeping gains for Labour


LABOUR’S sweeping gains in the Warrington Borough Council elections last week were repeated in the town and parish council elections held on the same day.
The results have now been published and show that Labour has almost trebled its councillors in parishes across South Warrington, winning a seat on Lymm Parish Council for the first time in more than 30 years.
Penketh Parish Council is now 100 per cent Labour and Great Sankey Parish Council, which previously had no Labour members, now has Labour in 13 of the 15 seats.
After the shock borough council result at Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft, where Labour’s Chris Vobe unseated veteran Conservative leader Keith Bland, he also picked up seats on Culcheth and Glazebury parish council and Croft parish council, meaning he now sits on three councils!
Labour now has seven of the 10 seats at Culcheth and Glazebury – although Cllr Bland held on to his seat despite losing in the borough contest.
There were also Labour gains at Stockton Heath for the first time in many years.
But at the same time there was evidence that at parish level, many voters stuck with familiar names, voting for the people rather than the political party.
Appleton Parish Council is now entirely Liberal Democrat after the lone Conservative lost his seat.
There were a number of parish wards across the borough where there were no elections because candidates were unopposed.
Councillors elected in the contested areas were::

Kenneth John Arnett (Lib Dems) 424
Brian Patrick Axcell (Lib Dems) 538
Lauren Abbey Daley (Lib Dems) 401
Val Davies (Lib Dems) 442
Sandra Jayne Benger (Lib Dems) 651
Sharon Alicia Harris (Lib Dems) 572
Judith Mary Walker (Lib Dems) 701
Peter John Walker (Lib Dems) 643
Irina Axcell (Lib Dems) 429
June Patricia Hancock (Lib Dems) 361
John Leonard Price (Lib Dems) 353

Nigel Balding (Cons) 289
Russ Bowden (Lab) 409
Tony Higgins (Lab) 317
Chris Fitzsimmons (Lab) 480
Billy Lines-Rowland (Lab) 406
Pauline Nelson (Lab) 577
David Spencer (Lab) 426
Barry John Allman (Lab) 417
Muriel Hearldon (Lab) 399
Terry Elizabeth Hearldon (Lab) 386

Valerie Margaret Allen (Cons) 290
Merril Cummerson (Lib Dems) 289
James Francis Hilton (Cons) 288
Thomas Leslie Hoyle (Cons) 328
Joseph Jeffrey Shelley (Cons) 316
Chris Vobe (Lab) 423

Culcheth and Glazebury
Angela Duncombe (Lab) 349
Eddy Estlin (Lab) 342
Keith Bland (Cons) 820
Paul Campbell (Cons) 705
Peter Caswell (Lab) 809
Lilian Houghton (Cons) 721
Mike Vobe (Lab) 924
Jacqui Johnson (Lab) 428
Matt Smith (Lab) 415
Chris Vobe (Lab) 484

Grappenhall and Thelwall
Paul Wenlock (Lib Dems) 309
Chris Worsley (Lib Dems) 303
Ryan Stephen Robert Bate (Lib Dems) 381
Mavis Jean Finnegan (Lib Dems) 447
Ted Finnegan (Lib Dems) 491
Ray Fisher (Lib Dems) 414
Mark Andrew Littler (Lab) 316
Michael John Biggin (Lib Dems) 449
Elizabeth Fountain (Lib Dems) 381
Ian Fountain (Lib Dems) 359
Dave Hockenhull (Lib Dems) 365
Wendy Johnson (Lib Dems) 400

Great Sankey
Jean Carter (Lab) 1296
Terry Gartland (Lab) 1358
Hitesh Patel (Lab) 1342
Stephen Winwood Pennington (Lab) 1363
Tony Williams (Lab) 1449
Peter John Carey (Lab) 763
Hilary Cooksey (Lab) 809
Jan Hart (Lab) 764
Daniel John Price (Lab) 757
Peter Watson (Lab) 784
Keith David Gleave (Lib Dems) 1029
Sharon Louise Gordon (Lab) 953
Will Hughes (Lab) 1015
Faisal Rashid (Lab) 931
Kevin Murtagh Reynolds (Lib Dems) 989

Bob Barr (Lib Dems) 365
Kathryn Buckley (Cons) 396
David Alan Openshaw (Cons) 412
Ian George Marks (Lib Dems) 286
Pam Marks (Lib Dems) 226
Su Williams (Lab) 326
June Patricia Gittins (Cons) 349
Joe Griffiths (Ind) 507
Sheila Elizabeth Woodyatt (Cons) 524
Beverley Ann Bachmayer (Cons) 342
Sheila Chapman (Cons) 403
Peter Joseph Powell (Ind) 588

Lorraine Ashton (Lab) 904
Lynne Irene Caine (Lab) 837
Andy Heaver (Lab) 820
Amanda Marie King (Lab) 759
Jeanne Large (Lab) 863
Helena Luis (Lab) 795
Trish Wilson (Lab) 829
Kathryn Brennan (Lab) 519
Allin Dirir (Lab) 618
Linda Susan Dirir (Lab) 608
Ann Milling (Lab) 548
Terry Webb (Lab) 554

Poul Gosney (Lab) 209
Diana Bennett (Lab) 234
Billy Lines-Rowland (Lab) 263
June Beddall (Lib Dems) 342
Sandra Joan Bradshaw (Lib Dems) 363
Christine Diane Oliver (Lib Dems) 371
Graham Friend (Lab) 368
Geoff Settle (Lab) 403
Alan Simcock (Lab) 359

Liz Clarke 185
Maurice Johnson 175
David McLachlan 234
David Trenbath 225

Stockton Heath
Chris Jones (Lib Dems) 217
Tudor Pole (Ind) 268
Ann Raymond (Lib Dems) 212
Marilyn Timmins (Lib Dems) 218
Sonia Boggan (Cons) 222
Sheila Lynne Dean (Lib Dems) 244
Helen Jayne Dutton (Lab) 240
Pam Todd (Lib Dems) 216
Laurence James Murphy (Lab) 144
Graham Roughsedge (Ind) 153
Peter John Walker (Lib Dems) 157
Sue Barlow (Lab) 243
Wendy Senca Emsley (Lib Dems) 212
Celia Elizabeth Jordan (Lib Dems) 225
Stephen Howard Taylor (Cons) 199

Pamela Barrow 268
John Richard Gordon 203
Susan Gordon (Ind) 305
Ann Iddon 258
Alan Smith (Ind) 209


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  1. “But at the same time there was evidence that at parish level, many voters stuck with familiar names, voting for the people rather than the political party.”

    Not in Poulton-with-Fearnhead where party-switching Parish Council Chairman Doug Ashbrook lost after swapping to Labour. Perhaps voters don’t like disloyalty.

  2. Lets see if these changes inject some sense of reality into the proceedings! The large increase in the level of Tax at Poulton with Fearnhead cannot be justified. Will the “new” Parish Council change the precept are will we just get more of the same?

  3. Crikey……….what this town needs is more councillors…..!!!

    no wonder the place is in such fine shape with these people dilligently sweating over the local issues…………

    I mean come on What’s the point in Chris vobe being borough councillor for Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft ,and then parish councillor for the same districts.

    I have no idea what the costs are for funding these paraish councils but surely peoples time can be better utilised by not having to sit on 3 councils….?

  4. Parish Councils receive their money by way of a precept levied on council taxpayers, in Culcheth & Glazebury the precept for 2012/13 is £57,743 and for Croft £64,036. Parish Councillors are unpaid. I guess the reason that some people are both a Borough Councillor and a Parish Councillor is so that they can influence and control both a Parish Council and a Borough Council at the same time.

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