Charlotte Nichols launches re-election campaign


CHARLOTTE Nichols launched her re-election campaign to be Labour MP for Warrington North outside the Orford Jubilee Hub in Orford Park.

Surrounded by local supporters, Charlotte welcomed the opportunity to “finally remove the tired and failing Conservative government” with a fresh, competent Labour administration that will bring change.

She promised to fight hard to secure the support of voters across Warrington North to be their strong voice down in Westminster.

Her Labour policy pledges include fighting for a new Warrington Hospital, championing Warrington’s nuclear industry as part of Labour’s Great British Energy, tackling crime with an extra 13,000 police officers and PCSOs, and ensuring that everyone has timely and local access to NHS dentistry and mental health support.

Charlotte Nichols said: “It has been the honour of my life to represent Warrington North for the past four and a half years. Unfortunately in that time like the rest of the country we have suffered under an incompetent and divisive government that has crashed the economy, run down the NHS and public services despite record high taxes, failed to address the cost of living crisis and undermined our efforts to fight climate change. All this while squabbling with each other and trying to set parts of the public against ourselves.

“We deserve so much better, and I look forward to making the case for a Labour government that will bring back stability, compassion and pride to our country. I have often said that Warrington leads the way, as a successful progressive town with a lot of heart. If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected, I will be urging Labour to adopt Warrington’s values in government for the benefit of the whole nation.
“It has been a long fourteen years under the Tories. In less than a month we can finally turn the page and look to a better future. At election time, power rests with the people. I’ve knocked on thousands of doors since the election was called with my team, and will be keeping that conversation with local residents going all the way until polling day to ensure we earn the support of residents other parties take for granted and can deliver on their priorities in government.”


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