Litter Networks reach significant landmark for can recycling and raise money for charity!


WARRINGTON’s Litter Networks have been recycling aluminium drinks cans since mid-2022 and has have just passed a significant landmark.

In their first year three teams collected and recycled 115,000 cans. Now they have around 10 Warrington teams participating and have added another 94,000 cans in the first part of the current year.

This brings their total to 209,000 cans. In the last census there were 209,000 people resident in Warrington. So they have virtually collected one can for every Warrington resident.
Litter Networks spoksperson Tony Dixon said : “One way of looking at this is that it’s just another terrible modern litter statistic.
“Another way is to reflect that the collection process has raised almost £1100 for litterpicking kit, plus a further £700 for a local veteran’s charity. Thanks to volunteers giving their time, that’s a win-win.
“Then you start to think, if we can raise that much money from just one can per person, we have hardly scratched the surface. We have a small supply chain set up between the litter teams and two Co-op shops. Why not turn discarded aluminium cans into money, to fund useful volunteer activities and local charities.

Tony added: “It’s motivational to be aware how discarded cans can be converted into money, whether for team kit or for a local charity.
All metal is known to have a value but aluminium cans are a simple way to raise money while tidying the town.”


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