Terrified dad stands by mentally ill son who backed him into corner armed with knife


A terrified dad who curled himself into a ball after being backed into a corner in his own home by his mentally ill son armed with a knife refused to give a statement to police.

A court heard yesterday (Friday) that Michael Broadhurst was so afraid that he could not remember if his son Lloyd, who had been drinking, had actually made threats against him.

Lloyd Broadhurst discarded the knife and went halfway up the stairs before running back down with his fist clenched, said Frank Dillon, prosecuting.

His frightened dad tried to protect his face and head with his hands and then managed to grab his keys and flee the property.
“He ran down the street and the defendant chased after him but he must have turned around and Michael Broadhurst then took the opportunity to call the police. Officers located the defendant nearby and arrested him, said Mr Dillon.
He had told Liverpool Crown Court that earlier that day, January 11 this year the defendant, who has alcohol and drug addiction problems, had been in bed for most of the time.
“He has been diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder and had not taken his medication the previous day.”
He started demanding money, which he often did for alcohol and drugs and when he takes them it negatively affects his behaviour, said Mr Dillon.
The defendant began throwing items down the stairs such as ornaments and then went into the kitchen of their home and grabbed a ground-down chef’s knife which was when his father backed into a corner.
After he was arrested the discarded knife was found in the house in a Wellington boot.

Broadhurst, aged 28 of Beckett Drive, Winwick, pleaded guilty to affray.
The court heard that when questioned Broadhurst, who has committed 17 previous offences, claimed he had the knife with a view to harm himself.
Mr Dillon said that the defendant’s father, who sat in the public gallery with Broadhurst’s mum, had declined to make a statement.

Paul Wood, defending, said that Broadhurst has been in custody since the incident but can go back home when released.
“His father had never wanted this prosecution and would welcome his son back. He wants him to get the help he clearly needs.
“He needs help with drink and drugs and mental health issues.”

The judge, Recorder Michael Armstrong, said, “Your father told officers that he was too frightened to remember if you threatened him.”
He said there was a realistic prospect of rehabilitation and sentenced him to 32 weeks imprisonment suspended for 18 months.
He also imposed 30 days of rehabilitation activities, a nine month alcohol treatment requirement and a mental health treatment order.


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