Raven Inn seeks community volunteers


COMMUNITY Pub the Raven Inn at Glazebury, Warrington, is launching a volunteers programme to allow people to become more involved in the pub whilst, at the same time, supporting the Raven.

It follows on from the successful relaunch of the historic pub that was saved from demolition following a community campaign.

Spokesperson Peter Sturman said: “It is common practice for community pubs to include volunteers. Indeed some community pubs rely almost entirely on volunteers.
“We assumed some volunteer support in our original business plan.
“As part of the volunteer programme training will be provided to ensure we adhere to all aspects of Health & Safety.
“Generally, with the level of support people give to a community pub, there is often a desire to become involved in the pub that someone has helped save.
“The volunteers programme allows people to become even more a part of the Raven than they already are.

“Of course the programme will help the Raven manage its finances through what is a difficult trading period for the whole of the hospitality industry. We see a pub down the road has just gone up ‘To Let’. That is very sad. However it is a sign of the times. There are many challenges for pubs to face.

The volunteers programme is a win/win scenario.
If anyone would like to be involved, please drop The Raven Inn a line at [email protected]


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