The Culcheth Codger – could he be my doppelganger?


THE Culcheth Codger. Could he be my doppelganger?

That’s the question I am asking myself after reading “Welcome to my World” by The Culcheth Codger – aka Gordon Chesworth.

I’m not insulting the guy by suggesting he looks like me, although we appear to wear similar spectacles. But the book does throw up an amazing number of similarities between us.
First of all, we both wrote an autobiographical book during the COVID lockdown and in doing so both cast a critical eye on the respective education systems we endured, despite them being some 30 years apart. I’m an older codger than him! We both went to boys-only schools where discipline was strict and frequently unfair.
We both confess to a lifelong love of cricket. We both have played for Glazebury Cricket Club, but I don’t think we have ever met. I had moved on to pastures new before he arrived. But we are both on pictures of a Glazebury team, taken years apart. Needless to say, we are both on the right-hand side!

Leaving cricket aside, we both spent a good part of our lives trying to play the guitar without actually mastering the art. We seem to agree that it is pointless arguing about who is the “best guitarist” because it depends on what sort of music you like. Gordon, however, then proceeds to prove the point by listing nine of his own favourites, none of whom would be on my list and some of whom I have never even heard.
We both detest the way the English language is treated these days, particularly the use of the word “challenge” when we really mean “problem” and the way people being interviewed on TV start their response with the word “so”!
The book contains many more similarities in the lives, views and opinions of two codgers. Like mine, it contains references to Bill Bryson without, I suspect, either of us seeking the writer’s permission.
It covers a wide range of subjects including sport, travel, music, history, education, politics and economics. It makes a fascinating read and contains some “laugh out loud” moments.
In one way, however, it reveals that perhaps the two codgers are not so alike. My book, “The No Hoper” is offered for sale on Amazon. Gordon’s is available from the Forget Me Not bookshop in the CPS Centre and Culcheth Library “completely free of charge.”
I beseech potential readers who are offered “Welcome to My World” for free to insist on paying. I know it was a labour of love, but it’s worth a couple of quid of anyone’s money and if Gordon won’t accept payment it could go to some charity or worthwhile cause.


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