Police take action after out-of-control dog aggressive towards horse and rider


POLICE have taken action after an out-of-control dog was aggressive towards a horse and rider in Warrington.

The incident was reported to the Warrington East Beat Team involving an off-lead American Bulldog being aggressive towards a horse and rider, jumping up at both and subsequently chasing the horse all the way back to the farm as the owner could not get it back under control.

Whilst initially reported as an XL Bully, the dog was assessed and confirmed NOT to be an XL. Police say the owner has been fully cooperative and admitted the offence of a dog dangerously out of control.
The owner has been provided with a Dog Behaviour Contract, providing conditions to keep it on a lead in public amongst others and has watched a video regarding worrying livestock, which was well received by both the victim and suspect.

Last year police launched Operation Recall, a force-led nationally recognised project to reduce, educate and enforce the real issues of Livestock Attacks by dogs out of control.
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