Major partnership for cloud and cyber security firm labdesk


LEADING digital workplace platform, Workspace 365, has announced a strategic partnership with Warrington-based labdesk, a leading cloud and cyber security technology specialist.

The collaboration will see labdesk integrate Workspace 365 into its managed service offering, empowering businesses to streamline access to essential Microsoft 365 applications and create a centralised digital hub for project stakeholders from various organisations.
Underscoring Workspace 365’s core values of simplicity, security, and accessibility, the new partnership reinforces the company’s mission to transform digital workspaces and drive productivity in today’s dynamic business landscape.
labdesk specialises in empowering innovative teams across the clean energy, science and aerospace sectors to help them get more from their technology investment.
With its UK headquarters in Manchester, Workspace 365 is an adaptive, secure, flexible and scalable platform that is future proofing the modern workplace. By uniting all workplace apps, systems, and information under a single interface with seamless single sign-on functionality, Workspace 365 simplifies the digital workspace, improving employee focus and enabling businesses’ success.

Commenting on the partnership, Mike Douglass, co-founder and commercial director of labdesk, said: “The teams we support within innovative sectors need to move quickly and require the flexibility to scale their resources up and down on demand, all while ensuring security is not compromised.
“Workspace 365 enables us to meet this challenge, going above and beyond expectations to truly simplify previously complex IT infrastructures.
“Take the nuclear or biotech sectors, for example: joint ventures are common within these industries, with multiple parties needing to collaborate on a project from different organisations. The integration of Workspace 365 on top of existing Microsoft programmes allows us to create a digital hub for all stakeholders, where all apps and files are centralised, ultimately streamlining how everyone works together digitally.”

Erik Nicolai, chief executive officer of Workspace 365, added: “labdesk is a forward-thinking technology company that is committed to empowering innovative teams to make a substantial impact through the work they do – by simplifying how they do it. With our vision of ‘Everything Simplified’, we were perfectly aligned to labdesk, and so we’re delighted to welcome them on board as a partner.
“We are already supporting the labdesk team as they roll out Workspace 365 into the most pioneering and challenging sectors, and we look forward to seeing how our powerful platform transforms ways of working to boost productivity and simplify our digital lives.
“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing digital productivity and security for businesses across a multitude of sectors.”

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Workspace 365 employs 60 people and has its UK offices in Manchester. Currently, more than 2,300 small to large-scale organisations are using Workspace 365 worldwide.
The company’s all-in-one, adaptive digital workplace provides personalised access to all applications, company information and personal documents on any device. Based on user-experience (UX) research, the latest version of Workspace 365 launched in November 2023 to offer even more simplified access, communication, and workflows.


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