A special Easter visit for Keate House residents


DURING Easter weekend, residents of Keate House Care Home at Lymm were treated to a special visit from none other than the beloved Easter Bunny!

Spreading joy and sweetness wherever he went, the Easter Bunny delighted residents of all ages with his cheerful presence and delicious chocolate eggs. The boundless energy matched only by enthusiasm for bringing smiles to faces, the Easter Bunny hopped from lounge to lounge.

Throughout the Easter week of festivities residents enjoyed a delightful Easter-themed lunch, an engaging Easter quiz, a lively Easter bonnet parade, and an exciting Easter egg hunt. One of the highlights of the Easter festivities was undoubtedly the Easter bonnet parade, where residents showcased their creativity and flair by donning elaborately decorated bonnets adorned with springtime motifs and colorful Easter decorations. The parade provided a platform for residents to express themselves artistically while spreading joy and cheer to fellow residents and staff alike.

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