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By Glen Screeton

BACK in February and following the release of their album ‘Sum of The People – Sum of the Time’, I had the pleasure of catching up with Mark (Hodge) Hodgkins and Tony (Fen) Fennel of Warrington Band TicnoToc for what should have been the first recording of my Podcast at Peggy McCools bar in Erwood St.

Sadly, the podcast didn’t quite match the Spotify Audio standard but it certainly didn’t detract from a fascinating insight into the bands history, hopes and ambitions and I promised Mark it will be recorded again as soon as I can get the equipment sorted out in a new studio! Band names, and how they originate always fascinates me and this was no exception – ‘TicnoToc’ simply came from a band member mentioning to Mark that he had a bedside clock that ticks but doesn’t tock and the rest is history. I only wish I had the imagination to think of similar names and phrases and since the band formed in 2017 Mark has been the primary lyricist , and if the reader listens to their freely available singles on Spotify as a sampler, you will hear some excellent lyrics on various topics ranging from the tragic Peterloo massacre to Mental Health in today’s society.

Couple intelligent phrasing from the wordsmith with rhythms ranging from edgy Punk, Ska and even melodic Rock and you will find yourself on a journey that weaves its way through the landscape of The Fall , the distinct Two Tone sound, Greenday and on occasion ( in my opinion ) The Beautiful South where you will hear the dreamy , soft backing vocals of Mark’s daughter Danielle on the track ‘ Foot off my head ‘.

The debut album is very well produced indeed and I was fascinated by the various instruments bravely included and they certainly haven’t shied away from their use. For example the excellent single ‘Peterloo’ includes a Celtic sounding mandolin and fiddle, there’s edgy guitars on ‘Aaargh’, a brass section and prominent piccolo snare on ‘Fake News ‘ with keyboards and clever use of percussion throughout.

I like the album a lot, and frequent listening finds something different every time which is a sign of a good album but don’t let me be the judge , go and have a listen yourself – simply search TicnoToc on Spotify or better still still download the album on Bandcamp and support local grassroots music in Warrington:

Finally, I would have liked more time chatting with Mark and Fen , they are very likeable, engaging chaps and we could have talked about music and lyrics all day. So, why not come along and see them perform at Peggy McCools on the 19th May for my first ‘ Sunday Showcase’ of original music where they will be the headline act – lookout for the flyers announcing tickets on Facebook very soon. If you miss that intimate event you can see them at the all-day Bridge Street Festival at the Lion in Warrington on the 26th May, that’s a bank holiday and tickets are on sale now!–The-Lion-Courtyard/38070655/


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