Home Office terminates asylum seekers contract with Paddington House Hotel


THE Paddington House Hotel in Warrington will be closing its doors to asylum seekers at the end of May with the Home Office terminating its contract.

In a letter to Warrington Borough Council Chief Executive Prof Steven Broomhead the Home Office said was providing an important update to on the Government’s approach to accommodating asylum seekers, with reference to the local area.

The letter from Tim Rymer, Deputy Director Adult and Family Asylum Accommodation, stated: “The Home Office has always been clear that the use of hotels was a short-term measure to ensure we meet our statutory obligation to accommodate asylum seekers who would otherwise be destitute during a period of unprecedented numbers of small boat arrivals.

“Our comprehensive plan to tackle illegal immigration is making progress. Government action to crack down on evil criminal gangs, deter migrants from making dangerous crossings and our increased cooperation with our French counterparts, saw a reduction in small boat crossings by 36% last year.
“We have also brought forward more appropriate forms of asylum accommodation, including large sites, such as former military sites and barges, which reduce demand on an already pressured private rental market and provide capacity at scale, which enables the Home Office to be agile in responding to fluctuations in demand. We have reformed estate management to maximise the occupancy of the existing contingency and dispersal estate, preventing an additional 72 hotels being opened and saving the taxpayer millions of pounds. This important work will continue.

“Having now closed 100 hotels, I am pleased that we are now able to go further and I can therefore inform you that the Home Office is terminating the contract with OYO Paddington House Hotel, 514 Manchester Rd, Paddington, Warrington WA1 3TZ as asylum accommodation and confirm it will cease being used at the end of May 2024, reflecting the contractual notice period of this property. “Residents currently accommodated in the hotel will be moving to other parts of our asylum estate and we aim to complete all relocations in advance of the final closure date. Residents will be notified a minimum of 5 days in advance and moved by the Home Office in line with our existing contractual agreements.”

The hotel closed to guests in November 2021 but the following year was still rated as one of the worst in Warrington on TripAdvisor.
Reviews slammed the hotel as ‘absolutely vile’, ‘rotten’ and ‘incredibly dirty’ by some guests.
Meanwhile, there has been no update on the situation with other hotels in the town currently accommodating asylum seekers, including the nearby Holiday Inn.


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  1. Thank god for that but I think the Lord Daresbury hotel should have been the first to stop accommodating immigrants as it is the hotel that has been used the longest to accomodate immigrants in Warrington

      • It would appear that change has taken place at the Holiday Inn as there are only 2 or 3 bikes parked outside leaning against the containers on the rear carpark & hardly anyone congregating/waiting at the bus stops or walking 4 abreast up Manchester Road. There was a comment made that some had been rehoused in the new flats built on the site of Chevvys but this seems a bit farfetched.

        • probably have because 1 of ground floor apartments there at chevvys new apartment block has sleeping bag on 1 window and other window is a bed sheet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! near traffic lights, *** LOOKS TERRIBLE ***

    • Catherine Brotherton on

      I for one will not be patronizing any of the hotels in and around the town that failed to protect there employees in the pursuit the fast buck.
      Let’s hope these premises are closed for car parks , they don’t deserve our custom.

    • WELL i will avoid these places that have been shut to the public for so long ! i had my wedding reception at 1 of the places that are currently shut to the public, they wont get a penny of my money ever again !

  2. I heard a rumour that one of the hotels the migrants have been stopped from going out of the hotel due to an outbreak of some disease, but not sure which one. I wonder if warrington worldwide can please investigate this to see if its true as if it is its being kept very quiet and this is how rumours start in the first place because of a lack of openness, there is definitely not as many migrants nearly knocking people down riding their bikes 2-3 abreast down Manchester road on the footpath, i have personally been knocked into several times and had abuse back from them when i have said they should not be riding their bikes including electric ones on the footpath and need to take better care, its almost as if its a case of how dare i walk on the footpath and i normally see several migrants walking around the area too, seems to have gone quiet so something is going on.

  3. Here’s hoping that the Home Office actually have the trained resources to make good decisions on someone’s legal right to remain. Being in limbo, not allowed to work and be a productive member of society, and being housed in some form of camp/barge for years, or made homeless with no resources or any food or shelter is an open invite to people trafficking and slave labour. Thank G_d Warringtonions aren’t fleeing horrors that some of these so called “illegals” are. It sounds like we are very capable to adding to their trauma.

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