The role of online platforms in transforming UK’s used car sales


The realm of the Internet affected almost all aspects of people’s lives, and the pre-used car market is no exception. To some extent, it has become a surprise since not many of us would have supposed that purchasing and selling something as personal, pricy, and risky as a used vehicle in online mode could grow into a mainstream activity within the last ten years.

Let us take a closer look at this phenomenon and figure out how online marketplaces asserted influence over the vehicle segment.

The Internet Has Transformed the Reality

Before the web was invented, purchasing an automobile was often a displeasing affair. On the one hand, it used to be time-consuming. On the other hand, you could not avoid haggling over the price of your new car as well as your trade-in. In addition, you had to keep a sharp eye out for ill-intentioned dealers. Moreover, the most important is that you could never be sure for 100% that there was no better deal for you in some other place.

The Matter of Security

As we stated above, purchasing a vehicle was always a rather risky business. And it still remains. Unless you are a true adept of everything related to cars, buying a gimcrack is possible. Noticing evident defects is only one part of this. Many other hidden aspects can be revealed only by VIN decoding.

VIN decoder was designed to furnish information regarding a car’s specifications, history, and ownership adapted from the car’s one-of-a-kind 17-character identifier. This method is used by everyone who wants to buy a used car since this service offers all data concerning possible odometer rollbacks, car wrecks, and anything like that. Insurance companies, car dealers, and law enforcement establishments often employ VIN decoding services for different purposes, starting from vehicle identification and ending with fraud prevention. The service aims to collect information from various sources to provide an exhaustive report that affects customers’ decisions. And the best option is to reveal crucial information about any automobile with a user-friendly VIN decoder from carVertical.

No Psychological Stress

Buying expensive things is always more or less stressful. Every car dealer will be most probably fighting over the price of any car for sale. Such haggling does not favor the health of your nerves, and understanding the fact that it is just a car dealer’s job does not console you too much. Moreover, what about the final stage of the deal? The financial manager will bombard you with offers and services that you neither need nor want instead of simply getting down to business. And in culmination, you will need to trudge through that fine print immanent to any agreement!

Opportunity for Anonymity

Private life and affairs have always been an important aspect of people’s lives, and the fact that the Internet made almost everything more anonymous cannot but rejoice. Now, you are not obliged to communicate with people in reality unless you wish it. You may do your business and duties just from the comfort of your armchair at home, and when encountered with low manners or aggressive sales methods, you can just opt out. After all, there is nothing easier than deleting an item from a shopping cart.

Real Professionalism

The relentless rivalry in the e-commerce market brought about extra efforts from all involved in a car dealership. Now, any private seller or car dealer approaches the business with immaculate professionalism. No car dealer who plans to thrive and prosper on the market for a durable period can allow chagrining potential buyers. At the same time, it does not mean that all car dealers have turned into philanthropic organizations overnight. All of them still dream of making as much money as possible, and they will be doing their best to achieve this. However, there cannot be any doubt that many moments of the trading process substantially improved and became more customer-focused.


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