Jealous boyfriend who strangled pregnant girlfriend and wished her baby dead jailed


A jealous boyfriend who strangled his pregnant girlfriend later messaged her saying he hoped her baby would die.

And Liverpool Crown Court heard that sadly the baby later did die.

Warrington man Ryan Gibbons was arrested and released on bail and after forming another relationship he sent his new girlfriend abusive texts and punched her in the face with his fist.

A judge heard that there “has been a U-turn in the defendant and his attitude” and his new girlfriend was expecting his baby in May and did not want a restraining order to keep away from her.

But Recorder Paul Taylor pointed out how serious an offence strangulation is and jailed the 26-year-old for a total of 28 months.
“By far the most serious of these offences is strangulation. You might not realise that it is a terrifying experience. In a matter of a few seconds someone can easily lose consciousness and die within a very short time.
“It is also a demonstration of power by a man over a woman. You are a strong young man and you frightened the wits out of her.”

Gibbons, of Folly Farm Close, Bewsey and Whitecross, pleaded guilty to strangulation, assault causing actual bodily harm and sending electronic communications with intent to cause distress and sending threatening texts.
Gerald Baxter, prosecuting, said that Gibbons had been in a relationship with the first victim for about a year but became aggressive when she became pregnant.
He became angry one day after going through her Facebook messages and began calling her abusive names.
She told how “he grabbed me by the throat and put both hands around my neck and pinning me against a wall. He was choking me and I could not breathe.”
Fortunately her sister walked in and found him strangling her and shouted at him to stop.
Almost a month later on February 11 last year he sent her unpleasant texts including saying, “I hope you lose that baby.”

Mr Baxter said that in an impact statement she said that the baby had been the only good thing to come out of the relationship but sadly the baby had a condition and died.
“It was even more upsetting because he got what he wanted. I am in disbelief that he would wish this on anyone,” she stated.

He was arrested and released on bail and on September 27 police went to the home of his new girlfriend and found she had blood around her nose and bottom lip and her top lip was swollen.
She told how he had said her child had been keeping him awake and when she refused to lie down beside Gibbons he punched her in the face with his fist so hard she thought her nose was broken.
Mr Baxter said that the previous month he had sent her threatening texts including saying “watch now, you’re dead, I’m going to smash your gaff, I’ll show you what’s what.”
She was left feeling scared and for the safety of herself and her children but did not report him at the time as she feared repercussions.

Sarah Griffin, defending, said that Gibbons has changed and was making real efforts. He is thoroughly detoxed and is working in prison.
Recorder Taylor pointed out that jealousy was his problem and Miss Griffin said, “There has been recognition of that and says he needs help and significant help. He has tried to address his offending behaviour.
“He has mental health difficulties and has sought counselling for this and has demonstrated real remorse,” she said.


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