Council offer price freeze on Green Bin collections while residents demand refunds


WARRINGTON Borough Council has launched its Green Bin subscription service, offering a “price freeze” for those who suffered disruption during the near three month bin strike last year.

But the decision has resulted in a backlash on social media from residents who believe they should be refunded on last year’s missed green bin collections during the bin strike.

The council has announced that they have put a “price freeze” on subscriptions in recognition of the service disruption by industrial action in 2023. Residents can subscribe at 2023 prices until 1 April 2024.
For those paying online it will be £39 before April 1st and £42 after – while paying by phone or in person it will cost £42 before April 1st and £46 after.

Justifying the charges for Green Bin collections the council say the money they receive from central government has reduced year on year and has affected the services they can provide.
They say there is now not enough money to support a free garden waste collection and instead of shutting the service down they still offer it for a small fee.
But some local residents have pointed out that neighbouring Wigan still provide a free Green Bin collection service – and have always done so.
Many have taken to social media, including the council’s own Facebook page expressing their disappointment and calling for refunds.

Comments posted include:

Instead of you emptying my green bin at a time of year when the grass doesn’t grow, all those that had a 2023 subscription should get it renewed for free.
I had a subscription for last year, but following the ‘bin-arcle’ or ‘bin gate’ I won’t be renewing.
Warrington is a laughing stock. Comes to something when even Wigan is laughing at the state of Warrington council.

Got any discount codes for those of us who got it last year then didn’t get it collected for months at the end?

Quite frankly, I don’t think I’ll bother this year. You still owe me 3 collections, that’s 6 weeks, from last year!

People who had it last yr should get it free it’s a joke !

The council is aware some Green Bin collections have been missed posting on social media: “The Waste team are aware a number of green bin collections were missed on Friday 19 Jan. The Waste team will be returning for collection tomorrow (Tues 23 Jan). Please place the green bin out for collection by 6.30am.”

Meanwhile, residents who want to sign up for the service can do so via CLICK HERE

No refunds following bin strike action – but two green bin collections scheduled in January


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  1. WBC feeling abit guilty now are they ?
    WBC the damage has been done you’ve lost the support of the residents of the town.
    WBC labour you cannot be trusted your time is up .

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