Family make heartfelt plea to find missing Spaniel Ellie who “disappeared off face of earth”


by Wendy Johnson

MORE than one month on from when their missing beloved pet Spaniel Ellie ‘just vanished off the face of the earth’ a heartbroken family has put out a heartfelt plea in a desperate attempt to bring their faithful friend home.

Laura and Neil Drinkwater, and their two children, of Fairfield Road, Lymm, have not stopped searching for their 5-year-old Golden/Red Cocker Spaniel Ellie who unexpectedly ran off at 11 am from Crosfield Bridge on the outskirts of Lymm Dam on December 5th last year.

She fled towards farmers’ fields known as ‘The Bongs’, and although initial searches spotted her in the locality shortly afterwards, she hasn’t been seen since. Now the distraught couple and their children are hoping she may have been taken in by someone who may not know she’s missing.

The Drinkwaters say they are ‘living a nightmare’ as Laura, 41, explained: “We are struggling to function with everyday life. Ellie is our absolute world and since she went missing our household is very much in limbo and struggling so very much. Our children Josh aged 12 and Saffy aged 10, have a special bond with Ellie and are extremely distraught and just want their fur sibling to return. This is the most excruciating pain we’ve ever experienced.”
To add to the family’s anguish Ellie has an autoimmune condition and needs daily medication: “This is a huge worry” added Laura. “She may well be struggling by now as her condition affects her joints and this cold weather would be very problematic for her.”

Laura says the support her family has received to date has been overwhelming with friends, residents and animal lovers taking part in the search. “People have offered to circulate flyers, posters and use drones, we have even had genuine offers to help out at home, even do our ironing while we continue the search!” She said.


Missing Spaniel Ellie

Joining the search is local experienced dog tracker Heather Cake from pet charity Harvey’s Army who was instrumental in setting up specialist feeding stations in the area where Ellie went missing. The last known sighting of Ellie was at 11 pm on December 5th outside one of the stations. Heather said: “We have no reason to believe she has been stolen, but she really has disappeared off the face of the earth. Everything has been thrown at this search. Drones, ground searching, social media is saturated and posters are up. Laura has been loaned scoping equipment and we have had feeding stations and cameras up for over five weeks. Ellie has an auto-immune condition and if she has been taken in by someone, she will potentially need veterinary care. We have done everything humanely possible, but now we have to appeal further afield”.
A tearful Laura added; “We are forever grateful for the support and love we have been given. All of this support has been overwhelming and very much needed. We are appealing to everyone. We need to know where Ellie is, and we want her home. Ellie went missing wearing a collar with ID, she’s chipped (up-to-date details registered) and spayed. Please, please if anyone sees her, or notices someone in the area that has suddenly acquired a dog that looks like Ellie, ring us asap, thank you.”
Anyone who has seen Ellie, or has any information that may help the Drinkwaters is asked to contact Laura on 07967185128 or Neil on 07813201850.


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  1. Heartbroken for you all.Ive not stopped in searching for Ellie and will continue till we bring her home.Stay strong your in my prayers daily.If I can do more to help I will

  2. A golden cocker spaniel bitch has been found in Flyde Blackpool area, saw the post today on Facebook, I do hope it’s Ellie. It has been taken by the Dog Warden too a place called Homeward Bound.

  3. I want to help find your beautiful girl and get her back where she belongs if there’s anything at all please just ask I suggest door knocking with flyers there will be people not on social media or maybe even not on the internet you never know someone might have taken her in thinking she’s a stray especially as she’s been gone so long….. anything and everything is worth a try and I am willing to knock doors if you think it could help.

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