Suspended sentence for controlling bully who made teenage girlfriend feel like she wanted to die


 A bullying, controlling, possessive boyfriend repeatedly treated his 17-year-old girlfriend so badly that she wanted to die, a court heard.


Cole McKenzie’s victim from Glazebury, Warrington said, “He made me feel scared, trapped and down about my body. He made me feel like nothing, just someone’s  punch bag and I didn’t want to be alive.”


A court heard today (Tue) that during their turbulent relationship, McKenzie twice tried to push her down the stairs at his home and repeatedly punched and kicked her.


He also sometimes took her phone so she could not ring for help and while she slept deleted friends from her social media, said Joanne Maxwell, prosecuting.

McKenzie, aged 19 of Brown Street, Tyldesley, pleaded guilty to controlling and coercive behaviour and three offences of assault by beating were left to lie on the file.

A judge told McKenzie, “A girlfriend is not a possession.”

Miss Maxwell told Liverpool Crown Court that the defendant had been in a relationship with the 17-year-old victim, from Glazebury, Warrington, since January last year and while it was initially good after three months he began losing his temper and becoming violent.

“He would hit her, kick her, punch her to the stomach and attempt to push her downstairs on two occasions while telling her that she deserved it.

“He would shout at her saying he wished she was not alive or born.”


On one occasion he made her leave late at night when she had nowhere to go and would confiscate her mobile phone so she could not call for help.

“He told her she was never going to leave him or if she did he would come after her,” said Miss Maxwell.

McKenzie would go through her social media on her phone, often while she was asleep, and delete friends he did not like. If she was out he would demand she return and threatened he would otherwise go to her home and be violent to her mum and siblings.

“She became so scared she did not want to face the day and get out of bed and go to college.”


Miss Maxwell said that on August 28 after an argument while he was on his games console he kicked her on the leg and then punched her in the same place several times.

The next day he again lost his temper while on his console and punched her in the eye. He pinned her down and punched her arms. She needed to wear make-up to hide her black eye for a fortnight.

“He pulled her by the arms to the top of the stairs and tried to push her down but she was able to grab hold of the bannisters and sat down.”

McKenzie walked her to the front door and threw her out, she said.


The following month, September 22 he grabbed her and punched her on the arms after again losing his temper.

When arrested and interviewed McKenzie, who has no previous convictions, made no comment.

Olivia Beesley, defending, said that he struggles with immaturity and is to be assessed for ADHD. 

He lost his brother-in-law, who had been a father figure to him, in April last year and his mother, with whom he lives, is in poor health. He hopes to return to college next September to do a joinery course.

McKenzie apologised for his behaviour and wished his former partner well.


Judge Charlotte Crangle said that he had been “aggressive, abusive and bullying” towards his former girlfriend. “This has caused significant damage to her self-confidence.

“She felt scared, felt like she was your punch bag and at one point did not want to go to college….You would use violence towards  her when your temper got the better of you.”

The judge told him, “You have considerable work to do in terms of how you behave. A girlfriend is not a possession. You have work to do in terms of your anger management issues.”

She said that there was a realistic prospect of rehabilitation and sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment suspended for 18 months with attendance on a ‘building better relationships’ course. 

The judge also ordered him to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and 15 days of rehabilitation activities.

A three-year restraining order to keep away from the victim was also imposed.


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