Outdoor winter activities for your children


The winter season brings a whole host of things – from the potential for snow to cosy evenings and plenty of activities to try. You’ll never run out of winter plans!

While it may be tempting to keep your children inside where it’s warm, as long as they stay wrapped up and safe, there are many ways to have fun outside.

With Grandir UK, you can find various activities to keep the kids from boredom outside in this winter season…

Nature scavenger hunts

A great activity for children to keep them active during the winter season is a nature scavenger hunt.

Create a list of winter-themed items for them to find in your back garden or local park, which could include pinecones or acorns, for example.

It’s a great way to teach your children about the natural world and the beauties of the winter season.

Winter sports

Not only can you keep active during the hotter months, but winter also calls for a selection of fun sports.

Your kids will never get bored, especially if it snows, and you can choose from a range of sports including skiing, snow tubing, or snowboarding.

You can buy a sled and take it to a safe hill and watch the fun begin…

Of course, before you and your children head out, wrap up warm to ensure the best experience of having fun in the snow!

Nature walks

During winter, you can find a variety of places to experience some of the best scenery and the landscapes look even better once they’re covered in frost.

Take leisurely walks with your children to observe the beauty of the season up close – you could find different types of trees, animals, and some cute cafes along the way to warm up with a hot drink.

This provides some of the best places for your children to learn something new, whilst staying active.

Winter picnics

If you’re looking for a relaxed day of winter fun, why not organise a picnic for your little ones?

They can help to create simple picnic snacks to pack away whether you’re picnicking in your back garden or a local park.

Remember to bring a thermos for some hot chocolate and bring some blankets to sit on and to keep warm.

Campfire nights

A great way to spend a winter’s eve with your children and the entire family is to sit around a campfire whilst helping them roast marshmallows – you could even make this a winter camping experience!

It’s such a warming environment where you can share stories and allow your children a bit of independence.

Of course, make sure to follow safety guidelines and supervise little ones around the fire to ensure the best experience possible!


After your campfire, you could then have fun stargazing when the skies are crisp and clear.

You can use this as a teaching opportunity, so your kids can learn about the various constellations and the wonders of the night sky.

Why not invest in a telescope if you’re thinking of making this a regular experience? See what you can all find in the night sky!

Whatever your little ones want to try this winter, there’s plenty to explore, so what’s up first?


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