5 points to check to pass your MOT first time


Whether you live in a town near a big city, such as Warrington or inhabit a metropolis like London, you will still need to have your car MOT done every year once it is three years or older.

Some people seem to think that because they only drive a few miles to work and back locally each day they haven’t driven enough miles to warrant an MOT. This is wrong and failing to book your MOT in London, Warrington or anywhere else will mean your car is no longer legal to drive on the road because its insurance will be invalidated.

Even worse, drivers from the Northwest to the Southeast often take their cars to an MOT centre not realising that they will fail. Some simple checks are all that are required to ensure your car is more likely to pass without the need for a mechanic to fix things. Dealing with minor issues before the inspection will save time and money since you probably won’t have to book a second test after an initial failure. What should you be doing? Read on to find out.

1. Check Your Mirrors

Ensure your car’s mirrors allow you to see properly. If they are smeared or cracked then you could face an MOT failure. Your inspector should also check that your mirrors can be adjusted for multiple drivers so make sure you can move them to suit different heights and driving positions, too. Replace any mirrors that are ill-fitting or that cannot be adjusted.

2. Inspect Your Tyres

Make sure your tyres have enough depth left in their tread to be roadworthy. If not, this will lead to an immediate failure. You should also make sure the sidewalls are in good condition and that the tyres have been pumped up to the recommended level. Partially flat tyres are easy to sort out but many MOTs end up in failures because of them. Booking your inspection at a place that supplies tyres is also a good idea in case you need new ones. For example, you can book an MOT in London at DAT Tyres – they are a popular choice for all vehicle maintenance services in the capital.

3. Confirm Your Wipers Work

It may be months since you last used your windscreen wipers. If you haven’t turned them on for a while, then doing so before your inspection is a good idea. Not only should the motors operate but the screen wash pump should also be working. Make sure they don’t just smear your screen. Replace the blades of old, worn-down wipers so that they provide a clear line of sight.

4. Check Your Registration Plate

If you have had a custom license plate made and it doesn’t conform to the rules, then your car won’t receive a pass. Equally, license plates that are cracked or so covered in muck that they cannot be read may also lead to a failure. Missing sections can also lead to problems unless they are addressed.

5. Pump Your Brake

City and town dwellers alike need to make sure their brakes are in good working order prior to an MOT test. On busy roads like the A57 or the A205, you will use your brake a lot to negotiate even normal traffic conditions. To test your brake, pump it a couple of times and release it. If the pedal feels soft or it takes a few seconds to return to its proper position, then you will probably need new pads or for the brake fluid in the system to be replenished.


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