Ulike vs. Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 – which device is better


Hairs on the face and body are natural and most of you want to get rid of them to get silky and smooth skin because that adds beauty. There are two ways to remove hair from the body, one is temporary and the other is permanent.

To get rid of body hairs temporarily, you can wax, shave, use hair-removing creams, and epilate but to get a permanent hair removal solution you have limited choices either IPL or Laser hair removal. IPL can be done at home but laser hair removal requires a professional setup with skilled workers and professional laser machines.

IPL at home is performed with IPL devices and in recent few years, the demand for IPL devices has increased rapidly therefore you can see a wide range of IPL devices. It is tough to select which IPL device suits you best. Ulike and Braun are top IPL devices due to their unique features and great results.

What if you want to select one of these two brands, well, it is a difficult choice. To make the right decision, you should read all details of Braun IPL devices having the latest model Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 and Ulike hair removal devices. It is obvious that if one device is right for you, may not be a good fit for others.

Let’s compare some important features of both IPL devices;

1.    Shape and Design:

Although design is the initial parameter for the assessment of any device or service that is not always the right key. Both Ulike and Braun have great build qualities and nicely crafted designs.

Braun Pro 5 has a sophisticated colour combination of white and gold. Its design is utilitarian and solid with a bulkier look to be more professional. In contrast, the Ulike device is a very sleek and smart device with modern craft and design. Its size is smaller than Pro 5 which is why it can easily fit in hands for a great user experience.

2.    Accessories Set with Device:

It is important for great customer compliance that accessories should be available with the device when you open the box. Ulike box unpacking gives you a beautiful protecting box that keeps away dust and dirt attaching to the head of the device. Along with that, it has a power cable, and user-friendly travel razor, and smart eye-protection goggles.

Are you in a hurry? What will you get while opening the packaging of the Braun Pro 5 device? The box contains a power cable, an extra razor, 2 precision caps, and one standard wide cap. All types of Braun IPL devices have different sets of accessories depending on the model and versatility in usage for hair removal.

3.    User Experience:

You can search for user experience in the IPL hair removal blog post because every model is different from others and may be different for all of you. Well, Ulike and Braun Pro 5 have won the hearts of customers by giving a user-friendly experience. They are quite easy to use for beginners as well therefore famous

Ulike IPL devices are very easy to operate due to the single button feature and make hassle-free hair removal. It has 5 intensity settings for personalised treatment of hairs on any part of the body. It also has 3 different modes depending on different parts of the body. In this way, you can set intensity and mode as per your requirements.

Braun Pro 5 has complex settings with different caps and 10-intensity settings. Precision caps are used for narrow areas such as upper lips and bikinis. You can read the given manual carefully before starting the hair removal treatment.

4.    Efficacy and Efficiency:

Although Braun and Ulike use laser light to target and damage hair follicles, the Ulike device has up to 1 million flashes with different energy levels for different skin tones. Additionally, it has ice-cooling technology and a pain-free feature and shows results after 3-4 sessions.

Braun Expert Silk Pro 5 has Senso adaptor technology that senses the skin type and sets intensity automatically. It is a very powerful device with lifetime IPL flashes.

5.    Cost and Value:

Ulike IPL, the device is less costly as compared to Braun Pro 5 therefore it is termed as cost-friendly. Ulike devices deliver maximum results at minimum cost. Braun Pro 5 has the latest and updated technology and delivers great value to the customers.

As a closing sentence, you have understood that Ulike IPL devices gives great results and has good customer satisfaction values at a comparatively lower cost. Braun Pro 5 uses the latest technology and delivers maximum results but it may be heavy on customers’ pockets and they may be less likely to purchase.



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