Houseplants can make you happier and healthier, as studies prove it


Many homeowners incorporate plants into their homes as a way to invite nature in and elevate their spaces. But plants do more than just improve the aesthetics of a house. They bring you to life just as you do to them, providing incredible benefits for your physical and mental health.

Studies show that people who garden every day report improved moods compared to those who never care for plants. Moreover, gardening can also lower symptoms of anxiety and depression and promote positive feelings just as walking or eating out with friends does. Let’s explore in more detail how houseplants can boost your wellness.

They relieve stress and anxiety

Plants have soothing effects, helping you navigate stressful situations easier. It may seem unbelievable, but that’s what one study concluded. In one experiment, individuals were asked to repot a houseplant or work on a computer-based task. By the end of the experiment, researchers checked the participants’ blood pressure and heart rate and found out that the computer task made them uncomfortable, increasing their blood pressure. On the other hand, people who worked with plants reported better blood pressure and felt significantly more comfortable.

The connection is evident – plants can increase cortisol levels in your body. It’s not even necessary to be in a room with plants – even looking at a picture of them can dramatically reduce your stress levels.

They can boost your focus and creativity

If you work from home, it can be challenging to concentrate on your tasks without getting distracted, and while for some people, discipline can help, others have a harder time focusing. However, studies have highlighted that plants promote creativity and boost productivity levels, so they may be just what you need to find your focus!

For artists, nature can be a creative refuge. So, it’s not surprising that having plants around you while working can inspire better ideas. This is due to plants’ green colour, which has been linked to creativity and productivity. So, what are you waiting for? Look for flower pots and incorporate greenery into your home to get your creativity flowing!

They can bring greater life satisfaction

Plant lovers say that plants make them happy, but is that for real? According to research, yes. An experiment has shown that individuals who spent only a few minutes in a room with plants experienced more joy than people in a plant-free room. Apparently, the more you are exposed to plants, the better you feel! Authors of a research review highlighted that green and purple plants play a considerable role in decreasing negative feelings. Not only that but being surrounded by plants can also boost your self-esteem and result in increased life satisfaction.

All these studies highlight the joy and comfort plants can bring. Plants can provide a sense of predictability in a world filled with uncertainties. Greenery naturally calms you down, decreasing feelings of anxiety and fear and even helping you cope with anger. In other words, you can create your own sanctuary by adding plants to your home. Many planters of different sizes and shapes are available online, making it easy to welcome nature into your home and enjoy these great benefits.

They can promote healing from surgery or illness

Plants are a great remedy for the spirit and the body. And we don’t say that figuratively. There are scientific studies that show plants may help patients recover faster. Hospitalised individuals reported better clinical outcomes after being provided with a view of trees and plants, while those who didn’t need a longer hospital stay and had an increased need for pain medication.

Plants are also beneficial for those suffering from severe brain injury and acting impulsively. Through horticultural therapy, these individuals can learn how to make better choices by considering what they should plant in a garden – the outcome of the therapeutic process can be truly incredible. Moreover, houseplants play a role in the recovery from substance use disorder. Dealing with such a mental health condition can be a genuinely difficult experience, but the good news is that this disease can be managed no matter the severity of the symptoms. Working in a community garden can help individuals in rehab improve their sense of self-worth, combat negative feelings and heal their immune systems.

They simply make indoor life better

Living in the city has its advantages, but it also makes it difficult to connect with nature. During the pandemic, more people started caring for houseplants, which is not surprising. As research suggests, exposure to greenery can be incredibly helpful during times of social isolation in the home. Plants can provide relief when staying at home for prolonged periods because they promote feelings of ‘being away’.

Due to their therapeutic capacities, houseplants can make you feel grounded, renewing positive emotions if you experience mental fatigue. Moreover, indoor houseplants improve air quality in your house, eliminating pollutants and thus, contributing to better health. So, not only do plants play a role in your well-being, but they also strengthen your immune system! These green friends are simply magical.

The bottom line

Houseplants have many surprising benefits, so it makes sense to incorporate them into your home. Yes- improving your overall life is as simple as buying some beautiful plants! According to the biophilia hypothesis, humans and plants are inherently connected. This idea is supported by many scientific studies confirming that nature has a great impact on boosting positive emotions and reducing negative ones.

Given that in today’s world, people spend a lot of their time using technology, connecting with nature becomes critical to enjoying improved well-being and health. The good news is that caring for a houseplant doesn’t have to be difficult! If you give them your attention, they will thrive in your home. You just have to choose the right plants that fit your lifestyle and, of course, your home design. Plenty of options exist, so do your homework and start caring for your houseplants!





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