The Raven Inn – one year on!


IT is now just over a year since the group fighting to save the Raven Inn at Glazebury gained access to the premises.

Warrington Worldwide published the first photos (above) of the inside of the Raven Pub. Those photos gave an indication of the state of the building. A more detailed examination revealed the extent of the damage and deterioration to the building.

Spokesperson for the Raven Inn Community Benefit Society, Peter Sturman, explains: “We had to be very careful in those first few weeks. There was an awful amount of rubbish to remove, walls and carpets were wet through due to leaks caused by theft of lead from the roof, the Raven was in a sorry state.
“An immediate inspection of the building revealed major work was required to secure walls and reinforce the roof.
“There was one internal brick wall that you could push to and fro, by hand. That wall was quickly taken down. On a positive note, it was to provide bricks to eventually build the fireplace and bar.
“Our Raven was in a much worse state than we could have imagined. First, the building had to be made safe. Unsafe structures, such as the wall, were removed. Tonnes of steel were inserted to shore up some walls and hold up the sagging roof.”

Peter added: “Then came the renovations! A group of volunteers have given up every Saturday from late April, last year, to the present day, working tirelessly and meticulously inside and out.
“Our intended opening dates have slipped and we regret that.
“The internal renovations revealed evidence of the original water mill and later Tudor foundations. Also some Tudor walls. These discoveries were on the ground floor, which is the pub. A decision was made to preserve and utilise such features, making them a part of the Raven pub. It became preservation hand in hand with renovation.
“Because of the state of the place, the vast majority of what had been added, over the years, had to be removed, thus revealing the true Raven.
“We felt the situation provided us with just one chance to get it right.
“That meticulous work has been conducted by the owners, our ‘White Knights’. It has come at the cost of pushing back the opening time.
“We intend our Raven Inn community pub to be serving people for hundreds of years. We feel that on balance, a few months, well spent, now, will be well worth it, in the long run.
“The community group has started our work with things like the flooring and wood-burning stove. We are now in the process of accelerating our efforts to get the Raven Inn Public House & kitchen fully refurbished and in working order”.
Watch this space!


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