Raffaele Riva, Founder of AUREA Multi Family Office, Shares His Ideas on Achieving Success


In a recent interview, Raffaele Riva, the originator of AUREA Multi Family Office, spoke openly about his day-to-day activities along with his accomplishments. He founded AUREA Multi Family Office back in 2008 and is still a part owner.

He has also been a driving force behind the growth of a multitude of additional companies, including Aurea Consulenit Associati SA, BGB Aurea Ltd, and Milano Fiduciaria. During the interview, he gave an account of what it is like to work for his organization.

Day to Day With Raffaele Ria

Raffaele Riva was born in 1962, and holds both Swiss and Italian citizenship. He is multilingual, able to converse fluently in English, French, and Italian. Riva’s days are far from typical, with no set schedule other than focusing on urgent tasks first. He typically works from 7:30 in the morning all the way to 9:00 pm, having already planned out his day in advance with the help of a daily journal that he keeps. He says that the journal helps to prevent him from wasting time trying to decide what he needs to do next. However, he also acknowledges that, due to the nature of his work, he travels often and each day is different.

Riva also mentions that his life experiences are the influencing factor of his thoughts. He says, “I take my own life experiences and let them guide my ideas.” It’s clear that Riva is driven to achieve success in all aspects of his life and his professional endeavors.

Positivity Equals Success

Talking to Raffaele Riva, one can see that he is a man who always tries to see the positive side of every situation. He himself acknowledges the significance of a positive attitude as a key characteristic of entrepreneurs and successful leaders. He credits his productivity to his thoughts being always positive and his eagerness to stay informed by learning continuously. Riva says that reading and paying attention to various topics of interest are essential for this, and he advises everyone to stay curious.

Ways to Expand a Business

When assessing the accomplishments of a company or a leader, it’s beneficial to think about the strategies utilized to reach their success, Riva says. He has experienced considerable business success due to his commitment to providing real value to his clients. According to Riva, “If you wake up each day wanting to improve your service and delight your customers, you will significantly increase your business.”

The main focus of his business ventures is to be of service to others. To succeed, he has found a method to give clients what they need and help them. He says, “Always have a service-minded attitude, and even if your customer is in the wrong, be the one to take the initiative to sort things out right away. This will be beneficial to you client in the short-term, and to your business in the long-term.”

Overcoming Challenges

Raffaele Riva is a successful leader today, who has experienced times of triumph and tribulation in his career. When asked about past failures and the steps he took to surmount obstacles, he was candid.

He discussed how he had once let his company expand beyond his capacity to manage it correctly, leading to him taking on too many ventures and tasks. He stated, “Some of these risks I took have since proven to be the wrong decision, and the fast growth was like a tumor instead of the boon I thought it would be. However, I was able to overcome it by coming to the realization that stating “I cannot do it” is not the same as saying “I choose not to do it.” And then I went back to my steady progress and said, “No more.”

Riva says that he owes his accomplishments to his passion for providing customers with first-rate service. As he considers both his victories and his defeats, he comes to the conclusion that the finest piece of guidance is to “Do what you like and makes you feel better, believe in it, and never have a fear of failure or a lack of believing in yourself, if you want people to believe in you.”

Riva is still involved in a number of different businesses, some of which include asset and wealth management, corporate finance and restructuring, real estate, trust and estate planning.

Read more about Raffaele Riva here: https://www.businesstelegraph.co.uk/raffaele-riva-on-inspiration-success-service-and-solutions/


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