What Are the Most Popular Online Games in Australia?


Australia might have a reputation for being the smallest continent in the world, but the country’s love for gaming is equally unmatched.

What began as a love for traditional sports like Australian Rules Football has since expanded its threshold to include online games. As technology advanced and online gaming became popular, Australians embraced a vast array of online games. Whether it is a sandbox or a first-person shooter game, the average Aussie will admit to dabbling with online games.

Although a vast array of games, like free slots no download no registration are available for Aussies, some are more popular than most. In this article, we will look at some of Australia’s most popular online games.

The Most Popular Games in Australia

When it comes to gaming as a hobby, Aussies are usually not very far behind. The gaming sector in Australia contributed $226.5 million in revenue in 2021. The total audience of gamers has exceeded a staggering 17 million, more than 66% of the country’s population. As of 2022, the figure was said to have increased to about 75%.

Online gaming is popular among people of various age groups in Australia. With high-speed web access and a device of choice, Aussies have easy access to various games on the web. Although many game genres are famous in the country, many gamers will agree that popular online games are more loved. Also, if you like to gamble at land-based casinos, you can find out if Crown Casino is open nowadays.

Whether you are a seasoned or new gamer looking for popular online games in Australia, here is a list of games you can try out!


According to data collected in 2020, Australia appears in the top 15 countries with the highest Fortnite monthly searches. Fortnite is played on mobile phones, PCs, or any other internet-accessible device. It can be played alone or with friends around the world. Fortnite boasts immersive graphics, interesting interaction options, and an in-game community, all features that fuelled its popularity in Australia.


Minecraft is a sandbox game where gamers can create, explore, and interact with a virtual world. To make it more fun, Minecraft set some gaming features to offer gamers a feel of the Australian world. This innovation, among many others, probably explains why Minecraft is a favourite in Australia.

In Minecraft, the world is at the player’s fingertips. Players have the liberty to build everything from simple homes to towering castles. They can tap into their creativity and make the most of the simple graphics and open-ended gameplay that the game offers. Minecraft can be played alone or with friends as a team.

Online Pokies

Aussies enjoy gambling. Online Pokies is popular in Australia among other free slots, no download, no registration casino games. Many Australians will also agree that one appealing feature of the game is they do not have to visit a casino. With Online Pokies, gamers can easily enjoy a whole casino experience through their screens.

Online Pokies imitate a real-life traditional slot machine. They feature an assortment of symbols shown on a grid that the player spins. If the symbols align in a match, the player wins.

Online Pokies is pretty straightforward and based on luck, not skill. It can also be played with real or virtual money. All you need are your device, web access, and a wager to get the game started. Depending on the website where you choose to play the game, you may be eligible for various bonuses too!

League of Legends

In Australia, League of Legends has a massive following of dedicated gamers. In fact, the game has its own franchised league in the country.

  • League of Legends is an online team-based battle arena game. It requires skill and survival as two teams of champions have to battle each other and destroy the enemy base.
  • League of Legends’ competitive gameplay offers an engaging source of entertainment. Players can work together to earn gold, buy items, and claim objectives.


Overwatch is another team-based action game. However, unlike other games on this list, it is a first-person shooter game set in a futuristic theme.

Players in Overwatch have access to special skills and play styles. The matches are fast-paced, the graphics are of top quality, and the game is an addictive type of entertainment. Overwatch is free to play and a staple in the Australian online gaming community.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is another popular game favoured in Australia. It allows players to control a character of choice, complete objectives, and eliminate enemy bases. Players can team up with other players worldwide and participate in tournaments.

In a way, Dota 2’s gameplay imitates that of League of Legends. It is equally competitive and appealing, which might explain why it has a large following.

Dota 2 is played both professionally and casually. Although often called a complex game, Dota is fun, engaging, and a great way to pass the time.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an incredibly popular first-person shooter game in Australia. It has a huge community of Australian players participating in matches and tournaments to win prizes.

CS:GO features unique maps, characters, and weapons. It also offers players various gameplay to keep players engaged.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a role-playing action game. It is set in a post-apocalyptic open-world setting. Players play the character of a lone survivor following a nuclear attack. They will explore the ruins around them and fight mutants, raiders, and other enemies.

No Shortage of Online Games

The advent of technology and ultra-fast internet speed means that people are more likely to find themselves exploring the internet. This might explain why online gaming is particularly a widespread hobby in Australia.

There is a vast range of popular online games in the Australian market. Some of these popular games on our list are free, and some are paid. Some employ complex interactive graphic designs, and others prefer simple designs. Regardless, these games will undoubtedly offer unforgettable gaming experiences that will keep you hooked.




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