How to increase employee engagement: 10 tips


What is employee engagement? It is the strength of the mental and emotional connection that people have to their work, teams, and organization.

What employer does not dream of employees going to work with pleasure, sincerely taking care of their business and their company, and not just formally fulfilling their duties as they have to? But which methods can be implemented to achieve such results? Let’s go on and figure it out.

Strategic sessions in an unusual format

No one likes standard meetings. Sometimes break stereotypes: invite a team to a culinary master class, book a beauty spa or aroma massage center, arrange a marathon or picnic, and integrate communication on important work topics into this event. A good job implies good rest, so let your employees relax in the Massage center in Dubai enjoying a luxury massage. The main secret of engagement is a joint activity and lively, positive emotions. The brightest frames can be placed in a frame and hung on the walls of the office for a cheerful mood.

Comfortable working conditions

How do people work, being in a stuffy or dull room for 8 hours? Or in a room with dim lighting and extraneous sounds? Comfortable conditions in the workplace give people the necessary amenities, decrease stress, and increase their interest.

It is important to take care of people’s health – clean the room in time, clean the air, and offer delicious and healthy food. In many companies, there is a practice of buying fruit for employees in the autumn-winter periods. Or hire a doctor who can quickly measure blood pressure and provide the necessary medical care. These pleasant but important little things will give a feeling of care and comfort and increase people’s loyalty to the company.

The opportunity to openly express your opinion

Create a kind of “storehouse of ideas” – it can be, for example, a mailbox or a page on the company’s internal website, where employees can share their thoughts, suggestions for innovations, and reasonable criticism, too. The main thing is to really use the proposed useful ideas, draw the right conclusions from criticism, and encourage employees.

Rotation of employees

For this reason, international companies practice temporary relocation of employees to other departments (cross-functional rotation) or transfer to another city, even to another country, if the geography of the company allows (regional rotation). A change of environment and a different mentality, like nothing else, refreshes thoughts and approaches to work.

Social incentives

All people love it when their work is noticed and praised in a timely and public manner for achievements or initiatives. This can become an intangible motivation for employees and encourage them to do work beyond their job responsibilities. Everyone wants to be useful and important, so develop social incentives and openly say words of gratitude to people for their efforts.


Remuneration is an important component of working relationships. People are programmed to rejoice when they are paid bonuses. By rewarding your employees, you motivate them to work better and increase their involvement in the team and the organization as a whole.

The opportunity to talk about life in the company

The creation of internal corporate media and internal portals for news about life in the company and communication (just like in social networks) is not just a fashion, but a useful tool for employees to feel like they are part of a community and part of one big business.

Encouraging career growth

Organizations need to understand that employees have personal and professional goals and they are interrelated. If your employees don’t see career opportunities in your company, they most likely won’t stay long. A large dropout rate means a loss of resources and money. And when employees see their colleagues leave, their morale drops.

Informing about business indicators

In any business, data is important to keep your finger on the pulse. Employees who monitor changes in business indicators may be aware of their contribution and responsibility to the common cause.

Post information and reports on key business indicators on the intranet and remove negativity with the help of prompt feedback on employee questions.

Master classes and lectures on hobbies

The main thing is that lectures and master classes should be conducted by one of their employees who are passionate about some kind of occupation – that’s the whole point. This helps colleagues to open up and see each other from an unexpected side.


To develop a business in the right direction, it is important to learn how to manage human resources. Without dedicated employees, the organization will not be able to achieve high performance.


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