Warrington healthcare group becomes UK’s first for revolutionary migraine treatment


LEADING healthcare firm, Optimise Healthcare Group, has announced a UK first, with both its Warrington and Cardiff clinics introducing TMS treatment for migraines.

Spending a further four-figure-sum on its machinery, after already investing £100,000 into its technology and infrastructure throughout the last 12 months, Optimise Healthcare Group’s TMS work will go a long way towards alleviating a pain that currently affects over six million people in Britain.

With migraines the second leading cause of work absences, costing the economy £2.25 billion per year, Optimise Health Care Group’s groundbreaking new treatment will involve clinical applications of TMS on patients, with non-pharmacologic therapies using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, broadly studied as a prophylactic migraine treatment with good outcome results.

Dr Nithya Anandan, founder and medical director, Optimise Healthcare Group, said: “TMS treatments for migraines have fantastic results in other parts of the world and to be the only firm in the UK now providing this service is fantastic, not only for us, but for the millions of people who suffer with migraines on a daily basis.

“All of our staff are monitored and trained in using this state-of-the-art treatment and I have no doubt that this treatment will now transform the way we deal with migraines, with TMS having no side effects compared to medication pain relief – with this also going a long way towards combating the mental health pandemic.”

Optimise aims to further expand its offering throughout the UK between now and 2030 – in the process supporting more people with their mental health needs.

Along with the two new clinics, Optimise also recently reported a significant seven-figure turnover for the most recent financial year – this coincides with an exponential increase in turnover of 1,150% from the previous year. This has been attributed to the increase in need for mental health services during the COVID pandemic.

The opening of the new Cardiff clinic at Wellington House means Optimise will also be the only provider of TMS in Wales, with the firm signing a 14-month lease.

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