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Managing wealth and assets is a challenging task. It requires time and perseverance to earn the desired funds, but that is only the beginning of the story. No wonder, that there are special wealth managers that assist those who need help in this area.

This article is about one of the famous specialists in this area Dr. Antoun Toubia, whose LinkedIn Personal Profile is searched by many people all over the world.

The powerful man

Dr. Antoun Toubia is a Lebanese entrepreneur that belongs to the top 10 Blockchain experts. He got his PhD in Business Administration & Financial Management and is operating all over the world.

If you would like to follow his current activity use Twitter Personal Profile and here are the main facts about this unique personality:

  • Being Lebanese, Dr. Antoun succeeded in growing business in different regions and countries. He is referred to as an International Citizen who can join any interesting project no matter where it is located. Through his career, he established numerous contacts and maintains them in order to build a powerful company of his own.
  • Dr. Toubia is well known in Europe and Middle East as a wealth manager who worked with more than $500,000,000 Million dollars in ten years, which belong to both companies and individuals.
  • He is experienced in the blockchain and has been working in this area since 2008, launching numerous f ICOs/STOs/IEOs and all the projects in which he was involved proved to be successful.
  • Strategies of Dr. Antoun were used by such companies as SprinkleBit, Netzero Enterprises, Pindify, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others and nowadays they have partnerships with the biggest players on the market.
  • For now, Dr. Antoun leads a management company for assets and wealth. It was licensed under the name ‘The Swedish Trust K.B’ and was located in Stockholm. All the information about the company and its activities is available on LinkedIn Company Profile where all the news is presented.

While building his career and expanding funds, Dr. Antoun thought about donations. He spends a lot on charity for children in different regions, especially in African countries. The focus of this activity is to provide food, housing, and education to all the children who need it.

Therefore, Dr. Antoun Toubia represents a perfect example of a modern businessman who cares not only about his own profits but also about the well-being of people around the world.

Company and business

If you are interested in the business of Dr. Toubia, first visit The Swedish Trust Website and get the general info, namely:

  • This management company is working with wealth and assets providing solutions and optimal strategies according to the client’s profile, aims, time, and funds.
  • The company can help to create an asset allocation with a proper method of its implementation. The investment management specialists will find the most profitable way for the client to grow his business.
  • The company is fully licensed and officially registered in Sweden but operates all over the world. It is respected and recognized internationally.

It is worth mentioning that the company is registered as Professional Trustee according to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Prevention Act with the Stockholm County Administrative Board as Supervisory Authority for AML/CFT purposes.

As the YouTube Channel explains this incredible team is able to manage almost all assets. It is done by developing a mutually agreeable plan of investments. The company sets no limits on the number of clients or funds that can be managed. As for the assets they can be represented by cash, cryptocurrencies, real estate, jewelry, etc.

The Swedish Trust is also popular for the following reasons:

  • this platform redefines the protection and allocation of the assets of the client;
  • it removes tiresome paperwork;
  • it guaranteed the security and protection of everything that is involved in its activity;
  • the user is able to do trust deeds swirly, in a few minutes, and assets are passed to the needed people;
  • no complications, setbacks or delays are observed when one uses this service.

Dr. Antoun Toubia not only created The Swedish Trust but also developed a whole family of services. They include:

  1. Innovative Swed BanQ software for banking. It is a fully customizable solution for banks, payment organizations, asset managers, or anyone else who needs to manage the accounts of clients.
  2. Operation via the Swed Coin. This handling system is decentralized and works both with cryptocurrency and cash.
  3. The SwedXchange provides such a useful tool as a Value Prediction Index for cryptocurrencies.
  4. There is a trading simulator called SwedSim that can be used by the clients.
  5. The SwedLearning center was created for educational purposes and here one can learn everything about the market, its work, risk management, and more.

Dr. Antoun Toubia is CEO of the company and this system for now is totally unique and helpful for those who would like to succeed in business.


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  1. I have known Dr Tobias for approximately 3 years.
    He is of sound character & and a trust worthy individual. He comes highly recommended. A true man of his words

  2. I’ve had the pleasure and honor of being in business with Antoun for over 10 years. In that time I’ve not only earned over $100k USD, but we’ve become close friends, to the point of family! I’m behind him and his efforts 100%, and I’m willing to openly discuss our history with anyone.

  3. Dr. Antoun Toubia is clearly aware of the importance of future digitalization on how to do business. The projects he is mastering are unique and innovative.

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  5. I’m glad that I have joined Antoun Toubia and The Swedish Trust. Looking forward to future deals in Swedish Trust. Support Antoun completely in his financial decisions.

  6. Dr. Wolfgang Haberzettl on

    A good article. Dr. Antoun Toubia is a great innovative businessman with heart. I am glad to participate in The Swedish Trust.

  7. Stephen Farrington on

    Antoun never gives up, his perseverance and dedication to his business ventures is astounding. I love his vision and ability to see opportunities in the business world.

  8. Such a great article, of such a great man, I have been with antoun a few years now. He such a humble man they looks after his clients as if they are his own family. Looking forward to the future with Dr Antoun

  9. Dr. Antoun Toubia is a true visionary with business. His philanthropy pursuits are also to be applauded. I am so grateful that I am in a position to be an investor in the Swedish Trust KB. The future looks incredibly bright.

  10. I have known Dr Tobias for 3 years , I know him as a visionary, he is ,humble , a great man who never gives up ,a professional . He has innovative ideas and understands the future of digitisation . I recommend to anyone to join us on the way to wealth and financial freedom.

  11. Dr Antoun Tobia is hardworking, very experienced and professional. The Swedish Trust platform that he and his management team have created is excellent and I recommend it to anyone who has wealth assets that need professional management.

  12. In 2017 I had the first contact with Dr. Antoun Toubia. Already to this time his investment vision was identical to my own in many ways. At today our cooperation is characterized by absolute honesty, mutual trust and friendly respect. Through “The Swedish Trust” I have becoming access to many lucrative investment opportunities that bringing me automatic cash flows now and much more in the future. It is worth participating in this project for that alone. Thanks to Antoun and his team. To 5 more successful years…

  13. The future looks great with the swedish trust with a visionary leader like Antoun leading the way with his experience and expertise, there are lot of potential projects lining up and we are in perfect position to lead the way!

  14. I guess that I find myself privileged to know Antoun since 2013 when our financial endeavors meet on a Ukrainian investment platform. I always admired his perseverance to help as much people as he can and build a system and a business model that will highly contribute and have a consistent wealth increasing factor for all the people that believes in him and in his great projection of the financial world. Antoun is the kind of person that you will be always proud to know and work by his side.

  15. I am very proud of Dr Antoun for the tireless work he does in providing new business ideas for the Sweedish Trust, I am very glad to be apart of the company. He is a very humble man who looks after his investors.

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  17. this is a good article, with all the enemies lurking in the dark, and working against Antoun Toubia, he is always succeeding, His enemies are so afraid, that they even use fake names. Such as #BehindMLM Michael Turton the scammer.

  18. Doc Toubia est un homme d’avant son temps et qui se concentre à aider les gens ordinaires à réussir au point de vue financier. Bravo pour tout ce que vous faites

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    Here’s to a fabulous future .

  21. Chinnwoodinvestments on

    We have bean in business with DR A Toubia for several years and have been impressed with his drive to help those he dose business with to achieve the optimal outcomes and with his transparency in his dealings with us five stars

  22. I feel blessed i became a member of the Swedish Trust,and privileged to know Antoun Tobia who is hardworking, very experienced and professional,wonderful,brave, and honest person. I recommend to anyone to join us on the way to wealth and financial freedom.God bless him 🙏🍀❤️

  23. Maurice Mullenders on

    Interesting to see people will benefit greatly from Swedish Trust or even get rich of it in the near future. (in a positive way ment to be)

  24. I’ve been a member of the Swedish trust for a short time, the dedication and hard work of Dr AntounToubia is next level. Looking forward to a successful future with Swedish trust.

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    • I am so glad to be part of the Swedish trust offered by a smart reliable businessman aka Antoun Toubia who opens a brightfull opportunity to a succesfull Future.

  26. Having invested as a Limited Partner in the Swedish Trust, getting to know Dr Antoun Toubia who has passion and drive to help anyone that believes in his projects and the ability to encourage the less fortunate to invest in their future for the better.
    Dr Antoun Toubia is a straight shooter and has the knowledge and ability to take The Swedish Trust to the next realm.
    Great article Antoun 🙏🏾

  27. Antoun has worked tirelessly for the partners in this business and his contacts and growth for the business has been impressive. His ability to communicate with all business and people at all levels is proving that he has the capabilities to take this business forward with many successful ventures. The Swedish Trust is and exciting venture and one not to be missed as Antoun takes the company into the future.

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  31. I know Antoun for more than 3 years and have spoken to him several times via phone call, very knowledgeable individual with decades of experience in different financial sectors. Trustworthy and honest businessman.

    I understand there have been some very difficult days in the company, we all have same issues,but Antoun resolves those with high work ethic together with business partners. It’s remarkable how Antoun and business partners have managed to keep everything running and never gives up. I really appreciate your hard work and perseverance.

  32. Very well written. I’m glad I came across Antoun to help build my wealth. He will fight for us and won’t give up. I’m very excited what the future holds for the Swedish Trust.

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  34. Swedish Trust
    Look no further!
    Swedish Trust Dr Antoun Toubia & Team are offering the Investor interesting and sustainable Opportunities
    Swedish Trust
    Investments with a Difference!

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    For me personally I am delighted to have invested in the Swedish Trust and extremely excited for the future ahead.

    I have full confidence in Antoun Toubia and his team of professionals.

    Cheers to the Swedish Trust and all it investors.

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    Thanks for all the success you have provided to families all over the world.. We love you. Blessings and keep up the awesome work. I highly recommend anyone reading here to learn more and acquire The Swedish Trust.

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