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With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, we’re well into the party season. However, if you want to host the perfect party in your home or garden, you need to consider more than just the music and drinks.

Party decorations will go a long way towards setting the mood for the occasion, but without the right lighting to complement the party decor, your get-together may fall flat. Here are the top five tips on how to achieve the perfect party lighting for any occasion:

Use festoon lighting for a garden party:

No garden party is complete without the proper lighting, especially if you plan to be out all night. An absolute staple of outdoor party lighting is festoon lighting, as it creates a fun, lively atmosphere whilst also giving off a warm, inviting glow. Festoon lighting is also durable and can withstand unpredictable weather, so you don’t need to worry about leaving these lights outside. To lean into the party vibes even further, you can also buy LED festoon bulbs in variety of colours.

Use fairy lights indoors and outdoors:

Fairy lights are similar to festoon lights, but because they don’t use large bulbs, they have a much more delicate appearance. Fairy lighting can make any scene look enchanting and magical, and they are perfect for indoor and outdoor settings. These lights would be fantastic for a birthday party, lending the occasion an ethereal glow.

Ditch the overhead lighting: 

Harsh overhead lighting can ruin the mood of any party. Instead, soft, muted lighting from lamps will enhance the relaxed and intimate ambience of your party. If you don’t want to use lamps for your party lighting, a dimmer switch for your overhead light is a great solution, preventing an overly bright glare. Just make sure that you provide enough light so that your guests can easily find their way around your house!

Experiment with candles:

You could achieve an even more muted glow by using candles, and this lighting solution is also extremely atmospheric. As well as experimenting with using candles indoors, you can also use them outdoors for a garden party. Combined with your colourful festoon lights, this will fulfil all your party lighting needs.

Have fun with disco lights:           

If a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere isn’t what you’re going for, you can really get the party started with disco lights. Turn off the main lights and turn your living room into a dancefloor with these colourful strobe lights. Make sure you move your furniture out of the way if you’re trying to get everyone to dance!


Lighting is a much more important aspect of decoration and design than you might think, and with the help of these five tips on how to get the perfect lighting for your indoor or outdoor event, your guests will be talking about your amazing party for months to come.



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