Wine coolers in the kitchen are the new trend of 2022


Do you want to add pleasure, style and value to your kitchen and do you like a delicious glass of wine? Then a wine cooler is a valuable investment for the future. Nowadays, these are indispensable in many kitchens.

An accessory that stands out and that you can enjoy for years to come. Read on if you would like to know what possibilities these offer you.

Keep wine at the right temperature

Why should you choose a wine refrigerator or small wine cooler if there is already a traditional food refrigerator in the kitchen? The wine fridge offers just the right temperature for your wine that remains constant at all times. The normal refrigerator is opened regularly, which disturbs the temperature, which negatively affects the wine. Cooling from 5 to 18 degrees is not possible with a normal refrigerator. Only at the right temperature does the wine really come into its own. Air circulation guarantees the temperature stability for the wine bottles. That is why restaurants, sommeliers and wine lovers like to store the wine in a wine cabinet designed for this purpose with several temperature zones.

Prevent oxidation

Creating the right humidity is important. If the humidity is too low, the cork will dry up, allowing oxygen to reach the wine. If the humidity is too high, the cork of the bottle will start to mold.

Protection against UV light

The effects of your light on the wine are visible and tasteable in the long term. UV-resistant insulated double glass doors prevent UV rays from entering the device.

A suitable size for every wine lover.

Are you a person who is a fanatic collector of wines or do you prefer to drink a glass of wine once or a few times a week while enjoying a cheese board? In principle, it does not matter how large your wine collection is. There are wine cellars for the hobbyist that can hold collections of up to 10 or 20 bottles, and options that can store up to 150 bottles in one unit.

Prevents vibrations in the wine

The specially developed compressors in the wine fridge and the horizontal extendable drawers made of special beech wood ensure that the wine bottles lie calmly. A special bearing system in the drawers and a soft closing guarantee that the wine comes in and out of the fridge gently. This allows the wine to be stored with the utmost care and in peace.

Prepared everywhere in the house.

Unexpected visit or spontaneous craving for a nice glass of wine? Thanks to a wine fridge of Winecoolershop, your wine is always nice and fresh and you can open a bottle at any time of the day. Another advantage of these devices is that they can be placed anywhere in the house as a separate unit. Would you rather have a built-in wine fridge that is in line with the rest of your kitchen? Thanks to the 6-year warranty, modern look and special design, these are very suitable for building in and they also look stylish with the rest of your kitchen or interior. Treat yourself to this luxury and modernity that fits perfectly with any contemporary wine experience. You have certainly arranged one thing correctly: your wine is always at the perfect temperature.



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