Spiking victim speaks out to warn others after fearing she could have died


A 20-year-old student who fears she could have died after being “spiked” during a night out in Warrington and her mother, have both spoken out, to raise awareness of the issue.

Beth Everett from Appleton, a second-year student studying Primary Education at Edge Hill University had been out with friends in Stockton Heath when she became the victim of being “spiked”.
Since the incident, she says she has heard of quite a few girls who have been spiked in Stockton Heath which she says is “quite surprising.”
She fears she could have died if it wasn’t for the prompt actions of a student nurse friend who got her to hospital.
Beth, who believes her drink was spiked as there was no evidence of a needle, said: “I think the main message is to trust your instincts, there was only my friend who believed that I had been spiked everyone else just thought I was drunk.
“I knew something wasn’t right so told my friend straight away and she literally saved my life. Also, staying with people you trust on a night out is so important.
“I think more needs to be done to address the situation as it’s happening far too much at the moment and nothing is changing.
Mum Colleen posted on social media:”I have thought long and hard about writing this post as I didn’t want it to look like an attention-seeking thing to do.
“However, having heard the news today I think it’s important that I do this in order to share awareness and avoid any other person and their family going through what we had to do last weekend.
“Elizabeth was spiked last Saturday which resulted in her being hospitalised, receiving fluids, having tests including various blood tests and an ECG.
“She had not drunk excessively and, for anyone who knows her, she is not a big drinker anyway. She very quickly deteriorated from feeling completely normal to being unable to stand or even sit and shaking all over.
“She was being violently sick and lost vision. Luckily Beth was with her friend, a student nurse, who knew this was not in her character and was able to take appropriate action which ended with putting her in the recovery position. Beth could hear people trying to wake her and bring her around and although she was not asleep she was unable to open her eyes or respond in any way. Luckily for us her friend took her to A &E where she was taken straight through, as by this time she had passed out. She has absolutely no recollection of what followed.
“The drug obviously stayed in her system for some time as she has continued to feel exhausted, weak and anxious for the days that have followed.
“She is always very vigilant and I would honestly have said that she would have been the last person this would have happened to.
“I’m purposely not saying where it happened as I believe it could have happened anywhere and now I believe it could happen to anyone. I really do hope that this post just helps others to be that extra bit aware.”
The Photographs above were taken just three hours apart.


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