How to build a running routine for beginners?


Running is a wonderful activity for the human body and mind. It not only helps you get in the perfect shape and remain fit but it also boosts your mental health and suppresses anxiety and depression.

However, if you haven’t run in a long time and you are trying to build a running routine for whatever reason, then there are some tips that will help you along the journey. But get the perfect shoes first as they will be the comfort zone of your feet. Birkenstock has some of the best running shoes stocked up for both men and women.


If you are motivated; you will do it! Fitness and health are deeply rooted with your motivation but if you have no experience with your running, then you need to stop there for a while. Be very realistic as you begin. Don’t expect to run miles and miles within the first week and please don’t set that goal for yourself either. If you are not being realistic with your goals, you will soon drop them out. Start small so that your motivation remains intact.


This is very important! Don’t just start running in any shoes that you get. Wearing the right running shoes is very important as they prevent you from foot injuries which are quite common as a beginner. Ditch the trendy trainers (although they are hard to resist) but always put comfort first. Look up for the best running shoes and then find the one that fits you perfectly. It shouldn’t be too tight and neither is a slightly loose one. A perfect fit is very crucial to assure comfort and protection to the foot.  You can check the website of SuperSales to find the right fit for yourself.

  1. WARM UP:

Don’t just step outside and start running; it can hurt your knees and feet and can cause severe muscle injury too. Warm up session is very important before any form of workout. This helps boost your muscle performance and you will be able to run more too. There are several ways to warm up. For example, hopping is an easy ebay to warm up your body.


Never overdo running. Set realistic goals and determine the reason why you want to run. Never incorporate running for 7 days a week. It is too much for the body and it will injure your muscles too. Varied running is the key to staying motivated and actually meeting the goals that you have set.


Running has a bunch of health benefits and is a wonderful form of workout to add to your lifestyle. However, it is very important to listen to your body. As a beginner, you will find yourself giving up sooner than you expected but that is okay. Be mindful of your body and gradually increase the time and distance and you will have your goals for sure.


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