Get your garden ready for summer with eco-friendly 100pc recycled plastic benches


GET your garden summer-ready with eco-friendly plastic benches that last a lifetime!

Our modern outdoor furniture sets are made from hanit® which is 100% recycled plastic.
hanit® out-performs wood, steel, concrete and even new plastic. hanit® is non-toxic, resistant to all types of weather and rust, and will last you all-year round. As hanit® is also low maintenance, it’s perfect for your personal garden in both urban and suburban settings.
We’re so confident in our material, we can proudly give you 20-year warranty!
Transform a basic garden into the go-to place for relaxation and join us in reducing the strain on landfill this summer with recycled plastic benches – choose HAHN Plastics’ outdoor furniture made from 100% recycled plastic for your garden.
Unlike wood or steel, the weather cannot harm it. hanit® is also easy on the back and the purse, in other words: it is lighter than concrete and cheaper than stainless steel. But above all, virtually any product can be made out of this high-tech material. Due to its individual composition, hanit® can be adapted to any application.
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