Indian take-away food is what tickles Warrington’s taste buds


WHEN it comes to tickling take-away taste buds in Warrington, Indian cuisine comes top of the menu.

With takeaways at the forefront of our mind more than ever in 2021 during lockdown and with restaurants pivoting to offer takeout services to help generate some income, Inn Supplies have revealed exactly which type of cuisine is the most and least popular in every major UK town city.
Gathering data from TripAdvisor regarding the positive words that were used in reviews for different takeaways to calculate an overall sentiment score. Over 20,000 reviews were collated.
Sentiment score values the emotion displayed in each TripAdvisor review, so zero is extremely negative and 100, the maximum, is extremely positive. They compiled a data set to provide a score for each region of the UK’s feelings towards different types of takeaway cuisines.
In Warrington Indian food came top with 73.1, closely followed by Asian on 71.5, followed by British 65.6, Pizza at 58.3, Chinese 53.9 and Italian 28.3.
While across the UK Lebanese takeaways had one of the highest sentiment scores of 80.02, with national dishes including kibbeh and tabbouleh satisfying the nation’s cravings.
Warrington’s craving for Indian was matched across the UK with a high sentiment of 71.22. It has always been a popular go-to for those cosy takeaway nights in front of the television.
Meanwhile, if you want to try something new the next time you place an order, Inn Supplies has created the ultimate takeaway guide to entice your tastebuds with.


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