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Seven fishing locations in Warrington you have to explore


For those who love fishing, Warrington is one of the best places in the UK. It offers everything from whitefish to dogfish to cod and more.

No matter what techniques you like to use, there’s something for everyone. Some fisheries require membership with a club, but many spots offer day (or night) passes. Here are seven fishing locations to try out:

Holbar Lake

With a total of four acres of water, Holbar Lake is a great place to catch carp. It’s an exclusive day ticket water stocked with mirror and common carp up to 27 pounds, as well as Barbel over seven pounds, bream, and silverfish. Some parts of Holbar are up to 12-feet deep. If you’re looking for the big carp, try fishing between the islands. Holbar Lake is part of Partridge Lakes Fishery, which has a total of 10 waters to fish in. If you want to know what’s going on in the hidden depths of the lakes, you should try best underwater fishing camera. You can use such a device along with the angler’s bait. Rules include no night fishing, no keep nets, and no braided line. On Holbar, you’re allowed a maximum of three rods per peg. You can find the full list of rules on the fishery website.

Baitcasting and spinning reels both work well with carp. For the best spinning reels, here’s a list from FishingRefined.com.

Willow Lake

Also part of the Partridge Lakes Fishery, Willow Lake is a very popular day-ticket water. It has 20 pegs and is close to the terrace cafe, tackle & bait shop, and the main car park. You can find species like silverfish, mirror carp, golden tench, and perch in these waters. If you want larger perch, Peg 2 is a popular spot. Willow Lake was recently dug through so it joins with Piper Lake. At its deepest, Willow Lake is 7-feet. Per peg, you’re allowed two rods maximum.

Sycamore Fisheries

This fishery consists of six ponds bursting with a variety of species. These ponds have a canal design with far-bank reeds and islands. Willow Pool is very popular for pleasure anglers. It has the most open water and is the best place to catch 50 pounds of carp. David’s Pool is also much-loved, offering 30 pegs that circle a central island. It’s close to the main car park. You can expect species like mirror and common carp, barbel, roach, and tench. At Sycamore Fisheries, anglers average 70-80 pound mixed bags.

Brookside Fisheries

This fishing location offers seven ponds and a wide variety of fish. Linear Lake consists of 3 acres of land with an island. You can find carp up to 25 pounds and catfish up to 40 pounds. This lake is open for both day and night fishing. There are only 11 pegs on this lake.

The Snake 1 + 2 pools have days designated for open matches and pleasure anglers. They offer a mixed coarse stocking, which includes mirror and common carp, ghost carp, bream, and ide. The Kingfisher and Meadow ponds are available for club matches and pleasure anglers. The Brookside Fisheries’ rules include 2 rods maximum per person, no nuts or gravy-based meats, and no live baits. All fish must be returned to the water.

Gibbo’s Pool

Part of the Border Fisheries, Gibbo’s Pool is the club’s best junior water. It also has good wheelchair access. The pool is stocked with lots of carp and silverfish. It’s a good winter water and offers 14 stages. In the summer, you can fish down the edge for carp up to 18 pounds. Border Fisheries aims to be a great place for family fishing. One of the club’s goals is to encourage and help juniors just starting to get into angling.

Greenwood Fishery

Officially known as the Greenwood Fishery and Nature Reserve, this fishing location is set on eight acres. All the income generated by the fishery goes back into the management of the fishery, including the restocking of fish and improving facilities. Anglers can visit for both day and night fishing pretty much any day of the year, excluding special maintenance days and Christmas. For pleasure anglers, the Kingfisher and Lagoon lakes are best. They’re stocked with plenty of coarse fish. In the summer, all baits – including pellets, maggots, worms, and sweetcorn – work well. Lagoon lake offers 18 pegs.

Ackers Pit

Ackers Pit is part of the Warrington Anglers Association, which controls a range of river, canal, and stillwater fisheries in the North West of England and surrounding areas. Ackers Pit is a small fishing pond just two miles south of Warrington. The club has put a good amount of work into restoring the pond’s popularity over the years. The pegs are very accessible, so you can easily catch fish like roach, perm, rudd, tench, and mirror carp. Maggots, casters, bread, and corn are good baits to use. As with all Warrington Anglers Association fishing spots, anglers will need a membership card and a current E.A. license.


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