The Wedding Trends To Know If You’re Getting Married Soon


The year 2020 has brought in fresh trends in wedding planning. People now are slowly adapting modern approaches and ditching some of the traditions of weddings in order to be more unique and original.

If you are planning to get married soon, you should consider the following trends:

Sustainable Wedding

The call for sustainability is worldwide, making all human activities more conscious of their choices. When it comes to big events like a wedding, it is important to know what you can do for your own share in saving the environment. It sets out a good example to others and gives that awareness of how to live a more sustainable life. One way of doing that is to find alternatives in the supplies that you use. After giving out invitations, it is common to have a digital RSVP nowadays where you just send the invites through email or other forms of messaging. During the reception, you may opt for it to be plastic-free so make sure that your supplier can provide this. You may also reduce the materials for decorations, especially if these are for one-time use only. Ask your decorator to use recyclable materials people can bring them home and not get wasted after the event. There are so many others you can do to make a sustainable wedding if you are creative and innovative enough to make your own.

Groovy Receptions

A wedding reception is where the celebration truly livens up during a wedding. Traditionally, this is full of speeches, mini-traditions like cake slicing, bouquet tossing, and many more speeches from more people. Although this has been a great format, a lot has seen it at most weddings and can sometimes bore other attendees. The trend now is to have a groovy reception, wherein people can enjoy more than just become sentimental. It is the reason why wedding bands have been more common and they do not just provide music for a wedding. The experiences of Detroit Soul Collective, a band based in the UK, narrates how wedding receptions have become more like parties nowadays wherein celebrants want their event to be filled with lively music their crowd can dance to. Wedding bands are now tasked to have a mini-concert instead of just providing traditional background music.

Colors and Variation

If you are planning for the wedding, one of the things people often set first is the theme. Nowadays, themes have included more variety to it that you don’t have to get stuck with just one color. You can already consider a whole color palette and incorporate different shades and designs to give your wedding more splash of colors. This will ultimately give another kind of feel for your wedding.

The new times have opened a lot of new ideas to celebrate one of the most special events in anyone’s life. A wedding can already be filled with fun and color while still being a sustainable one. It just provides a whole new meaning and quality to this anticipated milestone.




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