“Best in the North West for business start-ups”


WARRINGTON is the best place for business start-ups in the North West and the second best for the UK, according to a new survey.
Bromsgrove holds the top spot and London comes in at ninth – but this is relative to London’s huge population.
The North West and the South East are the best areas for start-ups.
Financial funding company Aurora Capital have produced the survey after looking into the top start-up locations in the UK – the towns and cities with high incorporation rates that seem to be attracting new businesses day-in-day-out.
Compiling thousands of data points from Companies House of incorporation rates around the UK for the past three years, the top start-up locations were finally revealed.
These locations were uncovered by taking the incorporation rates and comparing them against population density statistics taken from The Office of National Statistics.
The most surprising result was Bromsgrove. Out of the 296 locations, the Worcestershire town had the highest incorporation to population ratio – the highest number of new business startups for their current population count.
Warrington was also revealed as a start-up hotspot. The data revealed that for every 14 people a business incorporates. With a population density of 209,000, this is very impressive, according to the researchers..
Steve Park, director of growth for Warrington Borough Council, said: “Warrington continues to be one of the UK’s most successful places economically and is one of the key engines of growth in the Northern Powerhouse.
“A key reason for this is our business-friendly approach to everything we do. We are committed to creating new and well-connected business development areas, actively supporting growth and investment and enhancing Warrington’s talent – its people.”
Mr Park attributes Warrington’s success to excellent transport links, the town’s “can do” attitude, and the various assets for start-ups and SMEs. These include the Pyramid digital hub, the Base business incubator, and the enhanced St James Business Centre.
It’s this continued investment in business that makes Warrington so attractive for new business.
“This investment in business is a fundamental part of our ‘Warrington Means Business’ strategy, which aims to unleash the potential of the town’s people, its businesses, its connectivity and its sense of place, to accelerate economic growth and reinforce Warrington as a strong national driver of prosperity.”
George Holmes, managing director of Aurora Capital, is positive about the future of startups and new businesses.
“Despite the uncertainty around Brexit, it’s been great to see so many businesses forming in the UK. Over the last 12 months, we have personally seen an increase for start-up funding across the UK.  I expect these numbers to increase next year now the UK future is clearer”.


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