How your lifestyle choice impacts those who surrounds you


There is a famous mathematical term called the butterfly effect, non-linear equations and numbers aside, it’s also a known pop culture term.

The term came to life when Edward Lorenz, a mathematician, described the concept using a metaphor. The example was a tornado that had a time of formation and direction, those two properties of the tornado would’ve been different if a faraway butterfly hadn’t fluttered its wings a few weeks ago.

What many people fail to notice is how much power their choices carry over their close ones. Little does a butterfly knows about chaos theory and the potential tornado, yet we as humans have the chance to think best of our choices as to not impact those who are around us negatively.


A lot of people think that as long as their choice pertains to their own individual self, it doesn’t and shouldn’t impact others. To some degree, that is true, most individual lifestyle choices are mainly about the person who makes them, but that doesn’t mean that it’s exclusive. Individuality has been on the rise over the years, but that doesn’t mean it’s possible to refrain from impacting someone with a choice. Knowing for sure that someone will be impacted by your choices can’t be avoided, but it can be valued and considered for healthier relationships.

Addiction Conflicts

Humans are notorious for their ability to be addicted to a lot of things, physical and emotional. A drug or alcohol addict can be in constant denial that they are in no way hurting anyone except themselves, but it’s also their family and friends that have to carry the burden of seeing a closed one’s mental and physical health deterioration.

Gathering Strength

The problem with addiction is no matter how much those around you try to push you to fight it, you won’t fight it unless you really want to. Once the addict is able to muster the courage to fight their biggest fear, the hardest part would be over. You can learn more about what rehab centers do, what they offer, and how they can help with mental health disorders as well to further understand addiction treatment. Deciding to listen to the advice of your close ones is going to help them by making them not having to worry all the time.

Parenting and Addiction

As a parent, most of your choices heavily affect your children, whether it’s a direct choice regarding their well being or individual choices that can set examples. Being addicted to alcohol and drugs can cause severe traumas to your children, in addition to not being around for a very important phase in their lives. The worst-case scenario is that they pick up such destructive habits early in their life.

There is no way to be able to completely isolate those around you from getting impacted by some of the choices you make. Even trying to act like it doesn’t impact them has an effect. Being self-conscious can help you understand how people view you, and if you’re negatively affecting them or not.


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