New approach to dementia to be launched in Warrington


A GROUND-breaking new approach to dementia is set to launch in Warrington.

The unique Reconnect model of care will move the treatment of dementia to a more holistic approach that is a big improvement over traditional dependence on medication.

It will launch at Green Park Care Home, Great Sankey, this summer.

According to statistics from The Alzheimer’s Society, the number of people living with dementia in the UK is set to reach one million by 2025.

This means a town like Warrington, with a population in excess of 210,000, would be likely to see more than 700 residents diagnosed with dementia and around 3,000 living with the condition at any one time.

Lorraine Lee, a key member of the team behind Reconnect, said: “The more we understand about dementia the more we can diagnose and treat the condition that recently overtook cancer and heart disease as the nation’s biggest killer”,

Reconnect aims to change the way the UK treats those living with dementia, reducing the use of medication.

Lorraine said we should not be alarmed by the latest figures.

She said:“Over the last 20 years the UK has changed the way we record and monitor dementia at varying stages. It means that the disease is more commonly recognised and treated with the creation of specialist care facilities. This positive move also recognises that we do not just have to sit back and accept the fate of the elderly and dementia. Research into the condition and how we can slow its progression formed the basis of Reconnect”.

With less reliance on medication and a more rounded approach based on small residential lounges of six residents with daily activities varying from routine self-reliance tasks to group engagement activities, the programme is based on three years solid research and development.

Reconnect is expected to deliver a better quality of life for residents and their families, while at the same time offering greater value for money to local authorities and individuals alike.

Former mental health nurse Mark Quarmy who co-developed the model for Reconnect, explained: “Reconnect aims to maintain a quality of life for an extended period via a person-centred, communication heavy approach. Integral to this concept are those who implement the care plan, the dementia therapists in the homes.”

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