Plagiarism: A cancer which slowly kills away your reputation


Plagiarism is such a parasite which can completely destroy your reputation. Many high school going kids admit that they have cheated in their exams.

They have also said to be doing plagiarism through internet on their assignment. Once a cheater, always a cheater! This slogan then becomes your identity and your work no matter how outstanding in quality it is it will be checked for plagiarism, as you cannot be trusted.

There are other resources available such as, this platform can help you get your home work done, get good grades and fly high by finally graduating. Not only these there are many other websites and platforms, helping you do your academic assignments and essays. Here written below in this article are the consequences of plagiarism, so that you do not fall in the trap and end up gaining cheaters identity.

  1. Destroys the Institutional Reputation

Just imagine, how bad it would look if your teachers get a plagiarized assignment? Firstly teachers do check the assignment relevancy and credentials, so it would definitely get rejected. In some cases you might get expelled or get suspended for some time. The most challenging part would be the retrieval of your image and trust connections with your teachers. If you participate in any sports or debate competitions you will still be looked upon with doubt and negative thoughts. As you might fail by keeping originality rather than succeed through cheating.

There are certain steps you may take to avoid such situations, as said by the experts of American Journal that plagiarism is the altercation of reporting conduct and laws. So have a look into these three steps:

  • Start all your work from scratch which involves research, outlines, formatting and finally crafting the academic assignment.
  • Do not repeat the same objective or thought again and again in different sentences.
  • You should have the knowledge of the difference between citing and referencing in comparison to just copying the theories .
  1. Leads towards an unaccomplished research work

Plagiarism is also a crime of misconduct of the research work and it is a very critical issue to deal with. In order to generate quality in your research paper it needs to be relevant and genuine as much as possible. If it is a case study, then you copy from some research journal. You may end up writing sentences which does not classify any special case study or research project to have been procured. Hence, this will be quickly assessed by the invigilators and will make you look belittle ruining your academic career.

There are a few varying types of plagiarism

  • Paraphrasing and replacing the words of the original text to some other molded form of a sentence.
  • Copy pasting directly from the internet.
  • Cater someone else’s idea as derived by you. You must give credit to the author and cite the relevant sources.
  • Using experimental procedures as your own without actually testing it.
  1. Suspension orders can be passed out by your educational authorities

According to news once published in an educational website discussed that a survey showed that about 143 people were taken action against in getting involved in plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered a crime and can leads towards the student getting expelled and serious disciplinary actions could be taken against him. So isn’t it much better to resort to manners which are legal, respected and considered genuine in any case?

In higher institutions and research centers plagiarism when caught can leads towards legal actions and fines to be paid. Below are a few legitimate methods to avoid plagiarism in your work.

  • You should start working on your assignment from day 1.
  • Manage time properly by drafting a timetable which will decide when and how much work you should do on the allotted time period.
  • Use references from genuine and recognized sources and do give credit to the author in your work, if you mention his ideas.
  • Take instruction from your teachers and strictly follow them. Stay on the same path they guide you towards to craft your assignment.
  • Do not leave your work on pending, as it is much better to follow the deadlines and meet them with quality in your work.
  • Use plagiarism checker tools and correct anything found suspicious in your essay.

In many cases the reason behind restoring towards plagiarism was low confidence within the student about the quality he is going to portray in his work. Proper knowledge, guidance and skills required to craft your assignment might be lacking. The student is possessed by over work load and too much stress that he restores towards such drastic measures. However, if you do plagiarism out of laziness, then you definitely are in need of extensive disciplinary measures.

  1. Copyright infringement and legal repercussions

Reportedly, the original author holds the right to sue the plagiarist in a federal court on the grounds of violation of the copyright. This establishes how a student can get caught in a legal trap, if he/she commits plagiarism.

Steps to avoid: The subtle act of plagiarism can lead to legal consequences. Here’s something for you to stay out of the trouble:

  • Hire an expert professional and have your work verified as an original piece.
  • Download and use a trustworthy plagiarism checker for confirmation.
  • Never leave any work unacknowledged and refrain from using watermarked images. Creating footnotes or providing sayings or interview aspects in inverted commas is a good practice.
  1. Negative impact on the goodwill of educational institutions

Not only will the student be subjected to legal penalties, but the academic institution will be held equally responsible for failing to prevent such misconduct. The academic executives and branch heads of various educational institutes are working towards preventing plagiarism in any possible form.

Steps to avoid: Here are a few effective steps that academic institutes should follow in order to restrict the negative consequences of plagiarism.

  • Foster interactive education among students, so that they can understand the consequences of plagiarism.
  • Create a special faculty of anti-plagiarism experts, within the college premise.
  • Help students with sufficient findings for any work given, by providing access to original research archives.
  • Try to make library exhaustive and relevant for student’s works.

Now that you know the negative consequences of plagiarism, take note of the points mentioned above. It will help you to confront the menace and embrace authenticity in every paper.

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