Can Artificial Intelligence Help People Quit Smoking?


So you’re thinking about stopping smoking. And the road ahead looks long and difficult. It is rare that a smoker successfully quits the first time they try.

There’re many ways to break away from your bad habit. You can do it either on your own or with psychological and physical assistance. Struggling smokers can take advantage of behavioral therapy, nicotine replacement therapy, or medication that can help with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Despite the existence of helpful products and the opportunities to get support, some people keep smoking after several quit attempts. Let’s face the truth. There’re no sure-fire means to make a smoker forget about cigarettes without much effort.

Scientists and developers keep working to create intelligent and effective tools to help people cope with tobacco addiction. And it seems that they already have something to offer.

Vaping – A Safe Substitute for Smoking

E-cig in UK is a relatively new product. It came on the market back in 2007, and since then it has been gaining in popularity at staggering speeds. And the choice has increased greatly. You can find an of appealing shape, size, and look.

Judging from numerous reviews found online and heard in person, the devices do help smokers cut back on their habit. They simulate the feeling of tobacco smoking. Thus, you can avoid those uncomfortable feeling of missing something in the process of quitting.

Looking for the best e-cig UK (check it here), you can understand, that it is a healthier alternative to a traditional cigarette.

Several researchers insist that vapers inhale some harmful substances. However, e-vapour is much safer than tobacco smoke. And that is also a proven data.

While some scientists are hotly debating on the issue, their colleagues are trying to improve the device that has demonstrated its effectiveness in combating smoking. Their aim is to make it as intelligent as possible. What does it mean?

An intelligent vaping product will be able to learn and adapt to the user’s personal needs. This particularly applies to the control of nicotine consumption.

Imagine an e-cig that understands your needs, helps deliver the necessary amount of nicotine to you and reduces the nicotine delivery gradually over time. Isn’t it perfect?

Bella – AL Powered Stop Smoking Coach

Solutions 4 Health is an innovative company from the U.K. that provides public health services through the integration of healthcare and technology. On the 1st of January, 2018 they launched “the first artificial intelligence (AI) powered stop smoking coach” called Bella.

You can download Bella from the App Store for free. The developers hope to make the app available for Android users after further development and testing.

So, you have Bella on your smartphone. What’s next? You can talk to her in a totally natural way. Advanced artificial intelligence will respond to you in a fluid and human manner.

Can’t figure out where to start? Want to overcome the lack of motivation? Have no one to talk to? Bella is designed to be there with you in these moments.

The app is packed with information shared by hundreds of experts who have helped thousands of people to drop smoking. It will provide an expert service in a personal and friendly fashion.

The biggest plus of this “chatbot” is its 24-hours access. If you can’t deal with you 2 a.m. tobacco craving, just open the app and talk about your problem to Bella. She is knowledgeable enough to provide you with substantial support. Bella saves the dialogues and remembers your stumbling blocks as you tell them to her. Thus, you always get personalized advice.

Solutions 4 Health is proud of their brainchild. They are happy to empower people to lead a healthier life. The company’s stop smoking services and health care professionals use Bella as an additional support tool. Digital coach that offers extra guidance right when a person needs it makes the struggle easier.

Cue – A Smartwatch for Increasing Non-Smoking Time specializes in motion recognition software. It is based in Toronto. On May 31, 2017 it introduced a smartwatch that is named Cue. The developers believe that the product will help owners quit smoking.

CEO Ali Nawab describes their start-up as “magical”. Nawab created Cue after several unsuccessful attempts to quit. It helped him reduce smoking by 50% in the first week. Two other smokers from the team also had a positive experience.

But the developers of the smartwatch weren’t the only people who have tested it. They spoke to hundreds of customers to get feedback and keep working on improving the design, features and user experience.

The company made their first prototype for tracking when a person smokes 4 years ago. Now they are looking for participants for a large market study. They want to test their hypotheses and find out the easier ways to give up smoking.

Anyone who wants to reduce their smoking and earn some points can take part in the study. Participants get rewards. Initial users have earned $100 in points and saved even more from reduced smoking.

The company guarantees the confidentiality of data. If you are interested in this venture, sign up on their official website.

Kiwi.ia wants to endow Cue with Artificial Intelligence that will be able to predict when a person is likely to smoke based on individual data. The aim of the device will be to push the time between cigarettes to longer and longer periods. Cue will help to preempt the urge to have the next cigarette by offering you to play a game, go for a walk or drink coffee.

The founder John David Chibuk says they designed Cue “to be the air miles for health” for smoking people.

Technology is not static. Vape products, Bella, Cue, and I’m sure there’s more to come. Why not use the benefits of progress, especially if they can get you through the tough battle of quitting smoking? Start your smoke-free life today!

About the Author: Phyllis Baker is the writer specializing in self-development, addiction treatment and health issues. She manages public relations for the biggest US quitting smoking community.


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